Dungeon Adventure


Activity Period :
12-26 January 2023 (Before Maintenance)

Activity Details :
Just finished the dungeon during the event period and you will receive the item [Event] Dungeon Exploration Coin” to exchange the item in the Event Shop Dungeon Coins

(In 1 day, you can receive items from the event only 4 times a day, and 1 entry will receive 5 total [Event] Dungeon Exploration Coins, a total for 1 day will receive 20 coins)

Coin [Event] Dungeon Exploration Coin can be obtained by opening boxes after completing the dungeon

***After the event period, all [Event] Dungeon Exploration Coin items will be deleted. Please complete the item exchange before the event period ends***

Image Item Name
[Event] Dungeon Exploration Coin


Dungeon Exploration Shop
Image Item Name Coins used to Exchange Number of Exchanges
Mana Control Stone III 5 5 times a week
Mana Control Stone II 3 10 times a week
Mana Control Stone I 1 20 times a week
Legendary Enhancement Rate Aid I 10 3 times a week
Epic Enhancement Rate Aid I 5 5 times a week
Enhancement Aura x500,000 5 3 times a week
Enhancement Aura x100,000 3 5 times a week
Enhancement Aura x10,000 1 Unlimited