Leo & Libra Server Merge Conditions


Server Merge Schedule

January 12, 2023

Server Consolidation details

  1. The Leo & Libra servers are combined into the ‘Harth’ Server.
  2. In the case of a character on a different faction in the ID, if the character has not completed the quest [Story] Return The character will be deleted from the system *** Quest [Story] Return is the first quest to arrive in Harth Continent.
  3. In the case of slot expansion for both servers, if the combination exceeds the system’s predetermined limit The system will return the Ruby used to buy items and delete the character slots to be left as specified by the system (9 character slots).เซิร์ฟเวอร์ Leo&Libra จะรวมกันเป็นเซิร์ฟเวอร์ ‘Harth’ Server
  4. If a character exceeds the slot limit, they will not be able to enter the Dungeon, Training Field, and Dimensional Portal.
  5. In the case of the quest ‘[House] First Step to the Pioneers’, [Luminus], the power inherited from the constellations still did not succeed The quest will be reset and then resumed with the character moved. Go to the starting base (Ontari: Gray Mountain, Vulpin: Reclaimed Honor) *** We recommend you complete this quest before the server merge.
  6. The character’s total Storage will be counted on servers with the largest Storage expansion, such as Leo servers with 3 storage expansions and Libra servers with single storage expansions. The system will use the Leo server inventory and move items from the Libra server when merging servers.
  7. Luminus/pets will remain the same but in the event that there is more than the specified Slot that cannot be added Luminus/pets new In the case of expanding Luminus/Pet Slot with Expansion Tool, it will be merged when merging the server. ※But expandable up to 50 slots, including basic slots. In the event that there is a slot that is over-expanded will be awarded in the purchase currency (Ruby/Gear Points).
  8. When merging servers Constellation All will be disabled among the Constellations. all used in the previous server After server merge can choose Constellation that can be used by 1 will not be affected until selected. Constellation to use, and effects will be displayed after selecting them. To use a finished Constellation that is not selected will be deleted. Credits will be awarded based on the Luminus level registered in Removed Constellation · Gold used for unlocking. Constellation It cannot be returned even if the Constellation that is not selected will be removed Luminus registered in Constellation then it will not be deleted
  9. LUXURY House Integrated Server It will not be possible to move luxury homes and pay taxes because all expenses and taxes used for the move have been exhausted. Therefore, it will not be given separately. ※ After server merging, All luxury villas will be reset. Therefore, the contract must be signed again.
  10. If there are homes in the server that will be merged. The highest level is used by comparing the level of House/Production Facility/Inventory ※ House/Production Upgrade Fee Unused Facilities/Stores will be returned by mail.
  11. All Production Facility, Furniture, Landscape and Decoration data will be reset. Then the furniture and landscaping will be delivered to the mailbox. (90-Day Mail Storage) · Seeds grown in the Production Facility or Magic Crystals placed on the Altar of Blessing will not be returned. Therefore, please harvest or use it in advance. ・ A letter will be sent to the character with the highest level on the server. In case of equal level, it will be given to the last connected character.
  12. Crafting mastery is counted from the maximum mastery within the account of the server to be merged.
  13. When crafting items with a crafting waiting time It takes the shortest of the waiting times in the same group.
  14. In the case of the creator, the selection information is included in the initial state. And can choose the manufacturer after server merging. (no extra selection cost)
  15. Use the highest Mana Awakening and EXP on your account.
  16. Ranking Ranking ranking registration when server maintenance is closed. will stop for 1 week, so when merging servers · After the server merge, Ranking will be re-registered. Honor Points: Honor Points earned before the server merge will remain the same. and updated according to the information received after the server merge ·Item Level: Save the item level that existed before the server merge will remain the same. Even after the server merge · Arena / Battleground / Dungeon / Treasure Room / Fishing / House: Updated according to the information received after the server merge.
  17. Clan Sign up Clan/block list Clan/Clan Invite List/Clan Mission/Clan War Total Ranking (My Clan Ranking) will be reset.
  18. Clan Gold will not be distributed for 2 weeks from after the server merge. Until the next server maintenance
  19. If you are a member of more than 2 Clans, the member status will remain in the order of priority below. 1) Same Realm: Clan with high contribution in their account and low contribution clan will be forced to. Withdraw ※ Example: Server A/Vulpin/Contribution 34451/Clan (A), Server B/Vulpin/Contribution 45855/Clan (B) → Combined Server / Vulpin / Clan Affiliation (B) 2) Different Realm: When doing server included Therefore, if a clan joins the realm, the status will remain the same, and the clan that joined the realm before the change will be forced to withdraw. ※ Example: AServer /Ontari/Level 45 10%/Clan (A), BServer/Vulpin/Level 455%/Clan (B) → Combined Server/Ontari/Affiliated to Clan (A) if there is a Clan subscribed to. Aside from the Clan that it wants to be affiliated with, join as a member. before merging servers It is advisable to check the terms of affiliation. Clan/Realm change conditions and leave the clan early or delete the character altogether.
  20. In case a clan has 0 members, all clan members will be forced to withdraw, then lost clan names can be used again after the server merge.
  21. There will be no Clan War in the week prior to the server merge.
  22. Clan Fortress ownership information will be reset and only admission without a Clan owning Fortress will be accumulated for one week after the server merge. The list of recently sold items in the shop has also been reset.
  23. When merging servers All items registered in the Marketplace will be canceled and will be sent to the mailbox of the character who registered the item. (Mail retention period: 90 days)
  24. When merging servers All trade details on the Exchange House will be completely deleted. Exchange House’s market price information is based on Flavis Server’s information ※ The amount of money that has not been received from Exchange House before server merging. Can be obtained even after server merge.
  25. Medals of Honor which can be obtained when merging servers. will be refilled at once 200 pieces
  26. Medals of Honor and Trophies earned progression will remain unchanged.
  27. The Callout Rewards will be combined into the Callout record up to the highest level.
  28. Missed Name Check Award If you participated but did not receive the reward will be awarded according to the criteria below. ※ The remaining rewards will be given. After subtracting the maximum cumulative prize amount awarded The accumulated number of name checks in the ID has been removed. ※ Example: Server A receives the name for 20 days/receives the prize on the 5th, Server B receives the name for 10 days/receipts on the 10th, Server C receives the name for 1 day /reward In the case of the first check-in of the two cases after server merging, if the check-in is 21 days and the reward is received on the 1st-10th, the check-in reward will be received on the 11th-21st.
  29. When merging servers, the blacklist will be reset.
    ELYON Pass
    EXP Merge EXP of all merged servers Reward Reward Free Level: Set to a high level. The free version will be level 1 from the start, and if set to “low level” most players will receive repeat rewards. Since the value of the server where players are not playing is 1, therefore it is set to a high level. Cached: set to a low level. Can buy only 1 piece per 1 month only. But can be used in the same month without using the item. This is because it is level 0 and the level increases only with incoming goods. Therefore, it is allowed to receive rewards repeatedly from all servers that can be merged, for Server A account receiving all up to level 30 and Server B account receiving all up to level 1 will receive Server B’s reward from 2. Reached 30 due to its EXP being merged after the server merge. Awarded level after the server merging between free and cached may differ depending on the decision above. It can be seen that the free version is awarded until level 30 and the cache version is awarded until level 2.
  30. Actions/effects will remain the same.
  31. Available Gold, Gear and Tokens are shared within the server account. After maintenance for server merging Everything will be included in the inventory.
  32. If the Token exceeds the maximum holding amount specified in the Inventory, further cannot be obtained even by using related contents.
  33. All items in the Inventory and the Expanded Inventory Slot remain the same even after server merging.
  34. Items sent to the mailbox and remaining time will remain the same.
  35. The friend list can still be used after the server merge. But since the merging server has characters with different realms, please note that if a realm is changed, all friend lists will be reset. Similarly, Realm will be changed to My Friends List. If there is an ID/character name, it will be deleted.
  36. All block lists will be reset.
  37. All merged server achievements and titles will be merged. If not yet awarded will receive the highest award in the same list only Therefore, please receive all the rewards before server merging.
  38. The challenge achievement level of the merged server will all be appended together.
  39. Although there are achievements that were not received before the server merge. But if receiving the same reward on another server that has already been merged will not be able to receive that reward again after the server merge. Therefore, please receive all rewards before the server merge.
  40. All achievements and progress in the Collection Book will be returned to the player.
  41. Gathering and Artisan mastery information remains the same.
  42. If there is an active trade Storage charges may occur when merging servers. So if possible, please get them all before the server maintenance.
  43. If there are characters with different realms in the server to be merged, they will be merged into the realm with a high level character. (If the level is the same, the character with higher EXP will be selected.) · If the level and EXP are the same, it will be added to the Realm that has the last connected character. It is not included in the available EXP if it is appended to another Realm. ‘[Story] Return’ will be removed. ※ [Story] Return: The first story quest received after arriving at Harth. ‘[Story] Return’ has been completed, and the Realm has been changed, but the race, appearance, name, and class information will remain the same.
  44. When a realm is changed, the area and Dimensional Portal in the exact location as the unlocked area will be unlocked. ※ Example: If unlocked until Crescent Molar Foothold, the realm will be unlocked as Sunmane Foothold.
  45. When the realm is changed, all quests in progress will be deleted.
  46. All realm-changing characters will be moved to their starting base (Ontari: Gray Mountain, Vulpin: Reclaimed Honor).
  47. Items that have been applied to deletion, sale, dismantling, etc. before the realm change cannot be recovered.
  48. Characters with realm changes will be withdrawn from the participating clan prior to the change.
  49. If a Clan Master is changed Realm and forced to withdraw Revokes clan ownership and grants rights to clan members with contributions immediately. In case of equal contributions, authorization is automatically granted based on the date the clan joined first.
  50. If all members in a Clan change, the Realm Clan will automatically be disbanded. · All clan members are forced to withdraw. Lost clan names can be reused after the server merge.
  51. Can’t receive letters that overlap 10,000.
  52. The level and EXP of the character waiting to be deleted. It will not appear in the Realm selection.
  53. In the event that the mailbox is insufficient, the system will deliver the item via Storage Realm Change Case