ElyonSEA CBT Gift-away!


Welcome Heroes to The World of Elyon (Closed Beta Test).
As a token of appreciation, we have prepared gifts to help further your progression during CBT.

Just follow the steps we have provided to retrieve them!

  • 23rd – 26th June 2022 (Closed Beta Test)
  • Item Code available until 26th June 202, 23:59Hrs.

Get the Item Code through our Event Center.

Item Name
1000 Ruby box x 1
Faint Luminus Box x 2
Level 3 Runestone Selection Chest x 5




  • Click this button

  • Choose “Elyon” and Login ID

  • Click “Click” for get Item Code

  • Use the given Item Code in this button


Notice :

  • How to use Item Code Click
  • This Item Code can only be used during CBT.


You can check the update for Elyon on our social media page.