Event : Welcome New Scorpio Hero


Welcoming NEW HEROES to the land of Harth with loads of support items to level up quickly!

Activity Period
From October 28 2022 01:01 am to November 25 2022 00:59 am (GMT+8)

Activity Details
Just apply for a new ID of all types and create a character to enter the game during the event day and time. can receive the item code the next day When using the code, you will receive all the items in this table for free!!! (For example, if you enter the game for the first time on Friday, you will be able to get the item code on Saturday after 01:00 am.)

Image Item Name & Details
Pet Registration: Chick x1
Pets that can help collect items.
Faint Luminus Box x1
Random Luminus grade 3.
Star’s Blessing (7 Days) x1
Special buffs that can help a lot in playing.
Storage Keeper Caller (7 Days) x1
Use it to open your storage compartment from anywhere.
General Goods Merchant Caller (7 Days) x1
Used to call general merchandisers
[Bind] Level 4 Runestone Selection Chest x5
Choose Runestone grade 4



Activity conditions
1. Must be a new ID registered during the event period only.
2. 1 ID can receive-use the event code item 1 time.
3. The item code can only be used with the received ID.
4. All received items cannot be exchanged.