Event : Halloween Festival


Event Period :

October 27 2022 – November 24 2022 (Before MA)

Event Details :

Start by talking to the NPC Festival Personnel in FootHold to receive a total of 3 Event Quests.
Quest 1 : [Event] Dead’s Energy Eliminate Boss monster in 1-Player Dungeon or 5-Player Dungeon, get [Event] Death Energy x 4 after complete
Quest 2 : [Event] Cleansed Soul explore in the Footholds, get[Event] Cleansing Energy x 3 after complete
Quest 3 : [Event] Potions to Transform For In this quest, get [Event] Mixed Energy into the cauldron that locate in Foothold, get [Event] Spooky Pumpkin Coin x 4 and [Event] Unknown Potion x 1 after complete

[Event] Mixed Energy can manufacture at Alchemy Shelf in “My House

[Event] Transform Energy can get by eliminate Breath Boss in field

[Event] Unknown Potion Drinking this will turn into an unexpected creature for 10 minutes, but will instantly revert to its original form upon attack.

[Event] Spooky Pumpkin Coin right click to exchange item below

**After the event period expires, all items marked [Event] will be deleted (except [Event] Automatic Broom E-01, which will not be deleted). Please use the items before the end of the event period.**