Harth Field Slayer 2023


Activity Period :
9th – 23rd February 2023 (Before Server Maintenance)

Activity Details :
Just kill monsters in Harth Continent (Normal Map) during the event period to have a chance to receive [Event] 2023 Harth Slaughterer Coin, which can be used to exchange items in Event Shop Harth Slaughterer Token Shop

**After the event period, all [Event] 2023 Harth Slaughterer Coin items will be deleted. Please redeem the items before the end of the event period**

Image Item Name
[Event] 2023 Harth Slaughterer Coin


2023 Harth Slaughterer Token Shop
Image Item Name Coin used in Exchange Number of Exchanges
Mana Control Stone III 30 5
Mana Control Stone II 15 10
Mana Control Stone I 5 20
Legendary Enhancement Rate Aid I 20 3
Epic Enhancement Rate Aid I 5 5
Enhancement Aura x500,000 10 3
Enhancement Aura x100,000 5 5
Enhancement Aura x10,000 1 Unlimit