Happy New Year Festival: Treasure Hunt


Activity Period :

29 December 2022 (After Maintenance) – 12 January 2023 (Before Maintenance)

Activity Details :

1. Play online within the game for 30 minutes and get [Event] Adventurer’s Enhancement Support Box item.

2. Open the [Event] Festival Celebration box to get [Event] Festival Treasure Chest Key.

3. Harth Treasure Chests will be randomly spawned in town, and [Event] Festival Treasure Chest Key can be used to open the box to obtain [Event] Festival Celebration Coins to use.
Exchange event items

Image Item Name
[Event] Festival Celebration Coins


[Event] Festival Celebration Coins Shop
Image Item Name Amount of coins exchanged Number of Exchanges
Legendary Equipment Random Effect-Changer 50 1
Common Pet Selection Box 40 1
[Event] Enhancement Material Box 30 2
[Bind] Level 5 Runestone Selection Chest 20 1
Faint Luminus Box 10 2
Safe Enhancement Tool 7 5
[Landscape] Snowman 3 3
[Landscape] Snowy Tree 3 3
[Landscape] Igloo 3 3
Resurrection Scroll 1 Unlimit