Event : Santa is coming to Harth


Activity Period :
December 15, 2022- December 29, 2022 (Before Maintenance)

Activity Detail :

Start the event by talking to the NPC Festival Personnel in FootHold, you will receive 2 event quests.

– Quest 1 : [Event] Part-timer Santa Be online in the game until the end of 30 minutes will receive [Event] Adventurer’s Enhancement Support Box Dungeon When you open the box you will receive [Event] Part-timer Resume Activate the item and give gifts to the Ein children instead of Santa Claus. When done successfully, you will receive [Event] Shiny Snowflake in return

– Quest 2 : [Event] Santa’s Delightful Gift Box Collect Santa’s Gift Box thrown by Santa Claus in the Conflict Zone Map. After completing it, you will receive [Event] Shiny Snowflake in return.

[Event] Shiny Snowflake use for exchange item below


**After the event period, all items with the word [Event] will be deleted. Please use the items before the end of the event period**