Event : Soulbringer Celebration


Activity Period :
December 1 2022 (After Maintenance) – January 12 2023 (Before Maintenance)

Activity Details :
Part 1
– Just enter the game during the event period. You’ll receive a Soul Bringer outfit and Character Slot Expansion Ticket via your mailbox.
**Fashion outfits can only be worn by Soul Bringer and 1 ID can receive 1 time only**

Part 2
– The character must be level 44 or higher.
– After being online for 60 minutes, you can get the “[Event] The Record of an Adventure” item on the “Check in” page. You can right-click on the item to get the item to start the quest. (Available in all professions)

Use “[Event] The Record of an Adventure” to get “[Event] Soulbringer Equipment I~IV” and right-click the item to accept the quest.

Quest 1 [Event] Note for an Adventure I
1. Talk to Soulbringer Instructor at Foothold
2. Defeat monsters in the Conflict Area in the Mana Wall and collect [Event] Spirit Wraith x200.

Quest 2 [Event] Note for an Adventure II
1. Talk to Fishing Manager at Foothold
2. Collect[Event] Fresh Fish x20 (Earned by fishing in the Hunting Ground, not counting town fishing.)

Quest 3 [Event] Note for an Adventure III
1. Talk to Eqiupment Crafting at Foothold
2. Collect [Event] Product Warranty x50 (ได้จากการเก็บเกี่ยว Gentian, Oak, Iron Deposit ใน บ้าน)

Quest 4 [Event] Note for an Adventure IV
1. Talk to Good Merchart at Foothold
2. Defeat Boss in Daily Portal or Forest of Ensnarement

All 4 quests, upon completion, will receive the following rewards :
[Event] Enhancement Material Box x1
Legendary Enhancement Rate Aid I x16
Enhancement Aura x50,000

Part 3
When reach the required level of the Soulbringer character Get additional support items for free.

Level 45 [Bind] Level 6 Runestone Selection Chest x1
Safe Enhancement Tool x5


Level 49 Radiant Luminus Box x1
Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box x3
Legendary Equipment Random Effect-Changer x 3