Event : Instruments for a Band


Activity Period :
October 13-27, 2022 (Before MA)

Activity Details :
Stay online in the game for 30 minutes during the event period and can receive [Event] Daily Quest Gift Box from the Attendance in the main menu

Right-Click to use [Event] Daily Quest Gift Box, and you will get[Event] Score และ Faint Hero’s Energy.
Use [Event] Score to get Event quest, go to NPC Musician in Foothold will get [Event] Crystal with a melody

Image Item Name
[Event] Score
Faint Hero’s Energy
[Event] Crystal with a melody

Use [Event] Crystal with a melody at Alchemy Shelf in “My Home” by selecting one of the 5 types of [Event] Melody of Battle below.

Image Item Name
[Event] Melody of Battle: Acceleration
Increase attack speed by 10 for 15 minutes.
[Event] Melody of Battle: Critical Hit Rating
Increases critical rate by 10 for 15 minutes.
[Event] Melody of Battle: Additional Critical Strike Power
Increases critical strike power by 10 for 15 minutes.
[Event] Melody of Battle: Absorb Life
Increases health absorption by 10 for 15 minutes.
[Event] Melody of Battle: Damage Reflectance
Increases damage reflection by 10 for 15 minutes.

Successfully crafting a [Event] Melody of Battle item for the first time will receive an achievement reward. “A Beautiful Melody
Can get reward [Event] Instrument Box in “Achievements & Titles” menu [U]
**Achievement reward 1 ID can only be received once**

Use[Event] Instrument Box for get 5 Furnitures below

[Event] Instrument Box
Image Item Name
 [Furniture] Gong
[Furniture] Djembe
[Furniture] Palace Phonograph
[Furniture] Small Classic Piano
[Furniture] Classic Music Stand

**[Event] Score and [Event] Melody of Battle items will expire 1 day from the date they are received.
**After the event period, all items marked [Event] will be deleted. Please use the items before the end of the event period**