Event : Harth Field Slayer


Event Duration:
August 4 – August 19, 2022 (12:59 a.m.) [GMT +8]

Event Details:
Only kill monsters in the Harth continent (general map) during the event period will have a chance to get the following item: [Event] Harth Slaughterer Coin สำหรับใช้แลกไอเทมใน ร้านค้ากิจกรรม Harth Slaughterer Token Shop

**After the event period, all [Event] Harth Slaughterer Coins will be removed. Please complete all item exchanges before the event period ends. **

Item Details
[Event] Harth Slaughterer Coin


Harth Slaughterer Token Shop
Item Details Amount of Coins Required to Redeem Max QTY that can be redeemed
Unstable Catalyst Fragment
[Bind] Epic Set Weapon Fixed Enhance 100 1
[Bind] Epic Set Armor Fixed Enhance
100 1
Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box 50 1
Epic Reset Scroll Selection Box 30 3
[Event] Small Luminus Box
50 3
Dimensional Portal (Daily) Usage
20 1
Safe Enhancement Tool 10 5
Rune Powder 1 Unlimited