Event : Harvest Festival


Harvest Festival

Event Duration :
August 18 – September 1, 2022 (Before MA)

Activity Details :
Just by fishing, digging, cutting wood, collecting herbs, collecting Sky Crystals in the Harth continent (general map) during the event period, there will be a chance to get [Event] Harvest Festival Token to exchange items in Harvest Festival Token Shop Event Shop

**After the event period, all [Event] Harvest Festival Token will be removed. Please complete all item exchanges before the event period ends. **

Item Name
[Event] Harvest Festival Token


Harvest Festival Token Shop
Item Name Amount of Coins Required to Redeem Max QTY that can be redeemed
[Furniture] Wall Air Conditioner
[Furniture] Yut Game Board
30 1
[Bind] Level 5 Runestone Selection
100 1
[Account] Refined Enchance Stone
10 5
[Event] Hunting EXP Gain +200% Potion
30 3
Hunting Mana EXP +100% Potion
20 5
Magic Stone Box
10 10
Rune Powder 1 Unlimited