Event : Meet you at Harth 2nd Week


Event Duration
August 4 – September 2, 2022 12:59AM (GMT +8)

Activity Details:
Login in the game on August 4, 2022 to receive box items.  Meet you at Harth!

[2nd Week] Daily Elyon Box via Gift Box
(Once the box is opened, the required items will be obtained and the box will be opened again after 23 hours.)
*** It is recommended to open the item box according to the time period ***

[Account] Blessed Enhance Stone Box x1
Radiant Enhancement Reset Scroll Selection Box x1
[2nd Week] Daily Day 2 Elyon Box x1


[Bind] Mysterious Rune Equipment Selection Box x5
Refined Mysterious Enhancement Tool x20
Unstable Mysterious Enhancement Tool x10
[2nd Week] Daily Day 3 Elyon Box x1


The 3 items listed below is no longer useful in the current patch, but due to the “Meet you at Harth” box given out in this event.
It must be opened continuously so the item cannot be removed from the box. You can sell NPCs or throw them away.

– [Bind] Mysterious Rune Equipment Selection Box
– Refined Mysterious Enhancement Tool
– Unstable Mysterious Enhancement Tool

As compensation we send 2 items to everyone in gift box on August 11, 2022 as
– [Bind] Level 4 Runestone Selection Chest x1
– Large Rune Powder Pouch x1

[Bind] Epic Set Armor Fixed Enhance Stone x1
Magic Stone Material Box x5
Radiant Lock Box x1
[2nd Week] Daily Day 4 Elyon Box x1


Radiant Equipment Upgrade Stone x1
Radiant Set Enhancement Rate Aid x2
[2nd Week] Daily Day 5 Elyon Box x1


[Account] Unstable Enhance Stone Selection Box x1
Hunting Mana EXP +200% Potion x2
Curious Luminus Box x1
[2nd Week] Daily Day 6 Elyon Box x1


[Bind] Epic Set Weapon Fixed Enhance Stone x1
[Account] Blessed Enhance Stone Box x3
[Event] Hunting EXP Gain +200% Potion x2
[2nd Week] Daily Day 7 Elyon Box x1


Faint Luminus Box x1