Event : Meteor Shower


Meteor Shower

Activity Details :
Just online for 30 minutes during the event period can go to receive [Event] Observation Telescope from the check-in window.
Then when using the item [Event] Observation Telescope will receive the event quest. Would you like to go see the stars with me?
Complete the quest to receive [Event] Gift Full of Wishes items.

**[Event] Observation Telescope items will expire 1 day from the date they are received.
**After the event period, all [Event] Observation Telescope items and [Event] Gift Full of Wishes items will be deleted. Please use the items before the end of the event period

Item Name
[Event] Observation Telescope
[Event] Gift Full of Wishes


[Event] Gift Full of Wishes
When used, 1 item will be randomly received from these items.
Item Name
Dimensional Mana Trail
Blue Sky Crystal
Violet Sky Crystal
Blue Starlight Magic Stone
Purple Starlight Magic Stone
Golden Starlight Magic Stone