Event : Elyon Play time attendance


Stay online and get items for free!

Activity duration :
September 1–15, 2022 (Before MA)

Activity Details :
1. Just go online in the game for the specified period of time to receive the items as specified.
2. When the new day starts, the online time will reset and you can go online continuously to receive the specified items.
3. In the event that the online is complete but did not receive the item If a new date starts, all those items will be deleted.
4. 1 ID can only participate in one character.

Time Reward Item
Image Item Name
30 minute Proof of the Prophet’s Baptism
60 minute Laurel Wreath Piece x10
90 minute [Account] Weapon Enhance Stone x2
120 minute [Account] Arrmor Enhance Stone x2
150 minute Oort Cloud Fragment x1


Elyon Attendance Token Shop

Image Item Name
Oort Cloud Fragment


Elyon Attendance Token Shop
Image Item Name Exchange Coin Qty per ID
Radiant Luminus Converter 20 1
Faint Luminus Box 15 1
Dull Luminus Box 6 1
Curious Luminus Box 2 2
Pet Registration: Yellow Striped Cat (Permanent) 7 1
Pet Skill Change Ticket 1 5
Magic Stone Box 1 10