Sky Crystal Harvest Festival


Activity Duration :
September 29 2022 – October 13 2022 (Before MA)

Activity Details :
1. Just mining Sky Crystal Ore on Sky Island in Harth Continent (General Map) during the event period will have a chance to get [Event] Sky Crystal Token which can be used to redeem items in Sky Crystal Token Shop event shop.
2. Reduce the spawn time of all Sky Crystals by 50%.
3. During the event period, Mastery Point +1 will be added for collecting Sky Crystals.
4. During the event period, you can collect Sky Crystals of any color without limiting Mastery.

*** Example Sky Crystal  Blue Sky Crystal
**After the event period, all [Event] Sky Crystal Token items will be deleted. Please complete the item exchange before the event period ends**

Image Item Name
[Event] Sky Crystal Token


Sky Crystal Token Shop
Image Item Name Exchange Coin Amount
[Furniture] Leaf Rug 30
[Furniture] Wall Fan 30 1
Brilliant Enhancement Slot Restoration Scroll Piece 100 2
Enhancement Slot Restoration Scroll Box 50 3
[Account] Blessed Enhance Stone Box 30 3
Tigris Battle Potion II 25 5
Magic Stone Box
10 10
Rune Powder 1 Unlimited