Maintenance 9 March 2023




1. Improvements and Fixes

  • Regular Maintenance.
  • Event Start
    • 9th-16th March 2023
      • Hot Time Event
        • Increase Hunting EXP +200%
    • 9th-23th March 2023
      • Mana Awakening Boosting (required level of 35) 
        • Everyday, players can collect [Event] Month of the Water Bearer Mana EXP Box x1 via their mailbox. Can be opened to randomly gain Mana EXP.
      • Golden Flower Token Event
        • Just be online in the game for 30 minutes during the event period, you can go to receive [Event] Daily Quest Gift Box from the name check window.
        • When opened will receive[Event] Golden Mine Treasure Map.
        • Use it to receive an event quest [Event] Harvest Week filled with golden energy.
        • When completing event quests, the following item will be obtained.[Event] Golden Flower Coin x15.
        • You can right-click on the [Event] Golden Flower Coin to open the Exchange Shop. There will be items to exchange as follows:

2. Pending Issues to be Fixed

  • Resolved latency issue in certain areas.
  • Cheat detection program has been improved.

3. Ruby Shop Update

  • Learn more about the Ruby Shop update Here.