Maintenance 12 January 2023




1. Improvements and Fixes

  • Server Leo and Libra are combined into Server Aquarius. Details Click
  • Class Balance
    • All Class
      • The number of debuffs that can be used once has been increased from 40 to 45.
      • When using Shift Evade, Dodge increased from 600 to 1000.
      • Critical Hit Accuracy reduction increased from 250 to 450.
      • Increased the maximum cap of Critical Hit Accuracy.
    • Warlord
      • Shred power increased from 30 to 120 and attack range increased from 50%.
        – When the Skill Attribute is activated, Idle Shred increases Physical DMG effects by 2% for 10 sec (stacks up to 10 times).
      • The Berserk Smash skill has been changed as follows.
        – Power increased from 222 to 255, and added an effect every time a Knockdown or Airborne hit target increases DMG by 2% for 2s (stacks up to 10 times).
        – Skill Attribute Shocking Berserk Smash power increased from 350/450/550. to 385/495/605
        – change to be able to use Skill Attribute Rushed Berserk Smash even in Dash state
        – Changed to be able to use skill attributes. Rapid Berserk Smash while moving
        Cyclone cooldown reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second, and energy consumption per attack increased from 7 to 10.
      • Hammerang projectile launch speed increased from 20%
      • Total DMG reduction taken by Impregnable Fortress increased from 65% to 80%.
      • The amount of energy restored when Shield Dash hits a target increased from 10 to 20.
        Cooldown of Damage Absorb skill decreased from 45 seconds to 35 seconds, MOV SPD decreased from 50% and increased by 30%, and total DMG reduction received increased from 50% to 65%.
        – MOV SPD of Skill Attribute Rushed Damage Absorb is increased by 30% from the original.
        Shield Crush Accuracy effect changed to Bullseye effect and Power increased from 169 to 254.
        – Circular Explosion Power of the Shocking Shield Crush skill attribute increased from 250 to 375.
      • Shield Bash’s power increased from 110/138/275 to 121/152/303, and increases DMG by 2% for 2s each time it hits a Knockdown or Airborne target.
        Justice’s Power increased from 250~1250. is 275~1375
        – The Transcendent effect on the Explosive Justice Attribute skill has been changed to the Bullseye effect, and the Airborne effect has been changed to PC.
      • The Will of Protection barrier applied when using the skill increased from 10% to 15% of Max Vitality.
    • Gunner
      • Changed the Skill Attribute Altered Arced Mortar from Lightning attribute to Physical attribute.
      • Agility’s dodge gain when using the Combo Shot skill Attribute Rushed Combo Shot increased from 350 to 450.
      • Power Shot Reload increased from 20% to 25%.
        Skill Rapid Arcane Shot has been changed as follows.
        – change to type Physical, Projectile
        – Attack range increased from 2m
        – Physical DEF reduction of Weakness Exposure effect increased from 5% to 6%.
      • Call: War Drone’s barrier gain increased from 20% to 25%.
      • Speed Shot’s power increased from 15 to 17.
        – Skill Attribute Explosive Speed’s Power Shot increased from 100 to 110.
        – Skill Attribute Hurled Speed Shot Stalk Ammo’s Power increased from 73 to 80.
      • The Sequential Riflefire skill has been changed as follows.
        – Skill Power increased from 188 to 216 and PVE DMG given increased by 20%.
        – Power of the Barrier Piercing effect Increased from 34 to 39 and additional damage of the Seize effect. Opportunity increased from 25% to 35%.
        – Skill Attribute Displacing Sequential Riflefire’s power increased from 125 to 144.
      • Explosive Ammo power increased from 300 to 345.
      • Piercing Mortar’s power increased from 679 to 747.
        – Skill Attribute Unrelenting Piercing Mortar’s Fiery Wall power increased from 87 to 96.
      • Increase PVE DMG of Arced Mortar by 20%.
    • Assassin
      • Smokescreen changed the name of the effect in its description from Relentless to Crowd Control Immunity.
      • Skill Attribute Hurled Death’s Dance attack range increased to 8m and MOV SPD increase effect duration increased from 3 seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Shadow Rainfall duration increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds, and number of hits increased from 3 to 4.
        – Power display due to increased attack count changed from 115/114/173 to 115/115/144/173.
      • Using the Skill Attribute Accelerated Shadow Split removes the cooldown of the Shadow Rainfall effect.
      • The Shadow Dance skill has been changed as follows.
        – Removed the condition that can be used upon successful evasion and Power increased from 102 to 112.
        – Shadow Slice power of the Altered Shadow Dance skill attribute increased from 264 to 290.
        – Shadow Slash Power of the Skill Attribute Combined Shadow Dance increased from 477 to 525.
        – Skill Attribute Measured Shadow Dance’s Power increased from 50% to 60%, Projectile Fragment’s Power increased from 143 to 157, Cooldown changed to 16s, and when it hits a target, it has a 10% chance to inflict an effect. Stiffen
      • When using Stealth skill, nullifies DMG over time and increases Dodge by 1000 for 2s. When Stealth ends, Physical Piercing is increased by 5%.
      • Shadow Beheading’s power increased from 86 to 150.
        – Changed to move forward when using the Attribute Explosive Shadow Beheading and applying the Shock Removal effect, and added a Stealth effect that does not stun for 2 seconds.
      • Obliteration skill requirement changed from 3 or more Brands to 1 or more Brands, and Power changed from 280/350/420 to 162/243/324/405/575.
      • 50% chance to gain Brand when Shadowstar hits a target
        – Changed to gain Brand every time the Skill Attribute Shocking Shadowstar hits a target.
      • Added to be able to use Ambush Slash after casting Burststar.
        – Skill Attribute Explosive Burststar’s Explosive Orb has been changed from Fire DMG to Physical DMG.
      • Execution skill power increased from 79 to 87.
    • Elementalist
      • Frost Bash’s Hurled Frost Bash final Projectile Power increase from 20% to 50%, and Freeze rate when hitting a target increased from 15% to 30%.
      • Frost Blast cooldown decreased from 18 seconds to 6 seconds and Barrier dispellability increased from 10% to 20%.
      • Frost Colossus’ power increased from 204 to 296.
      • Shatter power increased from 311 to 358.
      • Frost Strike power increased from 272 to 300.
      • Lightning Torrent’s power increased from 134 to 174.
      • The 50% HP recovery and absorption effect of the Burn effect has been changed to inability to recover and absorb HP.
      • Disable the Frost Spear effect.
      • Firehawk’s Stiffen effect, the final release of Firehawk’s ability, is now a Knockdown effect.
      • Improved to display Wounded combat markers when affected by Burn.
    • Mystic
      • Skill Attribute Pervasive Brilliant Resonance power increased from 50% to 75%.
      • Toxic Swarm’s Power increased from 140 to 168, projectile speed is increased by 50%, and ability to cast while dashing.
      • The Summon Spirit: Tree Spirit skill has been changed as follows.
        – Tree Spirit’s MOV SPD and ATK SPD increased by 50%
        – Added an effect that decreases the target’s ATK SPD by 3% for 2s when it hits the target. (Overlap up to 5 times)
      • Summon Spirit Golem: Golem MOV SPD increased by 25%, ATK SPD increased by 10%.
      • Skill Summon Spirit : Whiproot has been changed as follows.
        – Changed to Spikebloom Can move and Power increased from 40 to 150.
        – Has a 15% chance to remove the Stiffen effect when it hits a target and reduces the target’s MOV SPD by 3% for 2s when it hits a target. (Overlap up to 5 times)
      • Improved the Brilliant Sphere to move within 6m of its spawn location when using the Displacing Grasp Attribute skill.
      • Cooldown when using Spiritual Wing Skill Attribute Opportunity Wing changed from 10 seconds to 6 seconds, and after the end of skill MOV SPD is increased by 50 for 3 seconds.
      • Tidal Wave power increased from 274 to 315.
      • Sunlight power increased from 294 to 338.
        – Small Sunlight’s Power from Skill Attribute Active Sunlight increased from 50 to 58
    • Slayer
      • When using Rampage, Critical Hit Power of Dark attribute attacks is changed from 100% to 70%, Stiffen chance is changed from 50% to 30%, and it is changed to be uncancellable. After using Rampage skill directly
      • Blade of Blood power increased from 190 to 276
        – Skill Attribute Unrelenting Blade of Blood’s Power increased from 110 to 127.
      • Bloody Pyre’s Power changed from 335 to 368, and Silence duration increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.
      • Expiration power increased from 250 to 300.
      • The Art of Fencing skill has been changed as follows.
        – Power increased from 206 to 227
        – Skill Attribute Altered Art of Fencing’s Power increased from 85. It was 94, Last DMG Power. increased from 285 to 314
        – Power reduction amount of ‘Displacing Art of Fencing’ Skill Attribute changed from 30% to 25%.
      • Imprint Release ‘Dark Scar’ effect power increased from 22 to 27.
      • Windstorm Cleave’s power increased from 110 to 121.
        – Cyclone Windforce Arrow’s Power from the Skill Attribute Unrelenting Windstorm Cleave increased from 37 to 41.
        – Skill Attribute Displacing Windstorm Cleave’s Power increased from 133 to 146.
    • Archer
      • In Hurricane Leap Skill Attribute Balanced Hurricane Leap’s description, changed Tenacity-related attributes to Immune to Effects. Knockback/Stiffen/Pull
      • The Windforce Arrow skill has been changed as follows.
        – Improved Windforce Arrow and Enhanced Windforce Arrow to aim PC first.
        – Added effect when Windforce Arrow hits target, increases Magic Pierce by 0.3% (stacks up to 5 times), Enhanced Windforce Arrow hits target, increases Magic Pierce by 0.6% (stacks up to 5 times)
      • The Quiver Charge skill has been changed as follows.
        – Skill Attribute Opportune Quiver Charge cooldown reduction reduced from 40% to 30%.
        – Added Windforce Arrow charge effect: 5 shot Enhancement when Snipe, Destruction Arrow by Skill Attribute Measured Quiver Charge (Cooldown 10 sec)
      • Snipe power increased from 400~700 to 440~792.
        – Removed the 5-shot Windforce Arrow charge effect when firing Perfect Zone and Max Charging Shot of the Balanced Snipe skill attribute.
      • Dodge increase from Skill Attribute Support Tornado increased from 300 to 600.
        Hurricane Leap Hurricane Protection duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
      • Cyclone Windforce Arrow’s power increased from 40~90 to 60~135.
      • Multishot power increased from 44~220 to 48~242.
    • Paladin
      • Cooldown of Rushing Light reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.
      • Blink Sword power increased from 144/156/180 to 158/172/198.
        – Vision Power summoned from Skill Attribute Displacing Blink Sword increased from 100 to 110.
        – Cooldown of Skill Attribute Active Blink Sword changed to 5s and removed Agility effect.
        – Removed Amplified Blink Sword Skill Attribute Power reduction effect by 20% and MOV SPD while in use increased by 20%, Knockdown effect added when using Blink Sword second time within 15 seconds of use. Blink Sword skill
      • Judging Light’s power increased from 728 to 837.
        -When using the Amplified Judging Light skill attribute, Transcendent effect is removed, recharge time is reduced, and Power is changed from 1092/1274/1456 to 1256/1465/1674.
        – Skill Attribute Measured Judging Light’s Light Judge duration increased from 15 seconds to 22 seconds.
      • The Annihilating Light skill has been changed as follows.
        – Power changed from 1200 to 1320
        – Annihilating Light’s Weaken effect has been changed to a Blades effect that increases Light Magic DMG by 20% (except Infinite Annihilating Light Skill Attribute).
        – When using the Skill Attribute Infinite Annihilating Light, a Weaken effect that increases DMG per stack by 100% when hit by Rushing Light.
      • Cooldown of Faith of Protection party member healing effect changed from 5s to 2s.
      • Skill Attribute Focused Shield of Protection , Support Shield of Protection Skill Attribute Shield of Protection Skill Attribute Number of party members affected increased from 1 to 2.
      • Effect Duration Skill Attribute Holy Ground’s Invincibility reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds, and an HP healing effect equal to Power 50 per second was added to self and party members within the Holy Ground.
      • Skill Attribute Pervasive Bright Sword projectiles have been converted into spinning blades. and attack range increased from 1m
      • Skill Attribute Hurled Containment attack range increased from 1m
      • The Punishment skill has been changed as follows.
        – Power increased from 350 to 385.
        – Changed the conditions for summoning swords Skill Attribute Active Punishment from when the skill hits the target is when using the skill
        – Skill Attribute Explosive Punishment’s Holy Punishment Power increased from 700 to 770.
      • Agility effect in Divine Punishment skill description has been changed to match the actual effect. and is only effective while using the skill
    • Soulbringer
      • Removed the 3% Critical Hit increase effect when Soul Energy stacks.
      • The Wraith Fusion skill has been changed as follows.
        – boost effect Physical Penetration reduced from 30% to 15%.
        – HP reduction effect that ignores DEF when attacking an enemy has been reduced from 2% to 1%.
        – Effect increases the Critical Hit Rate of Attribute Attacks. Physical reduced from 50% to 30%.
        – Changed so that it cannot be canceled directly after using Wraith Fusion.
      • Skill Sword Energy Storm has been changed as follows.
        – When the skill hits the target Soul Acquisition Rate Energy reduced from 15% to 5%.
        – Sword Energy Storm’s hit count has been reduced from 5 to 4.
      • Soul Energy gain rate when Moonlight Sword hits a target increased from 5% to 35%.
      • The Unsheathe skill has been changed as follows.
        – Added an Enhance Unsheathe effect that increases the Power of all Swing skills by 15% for 12s when Unsheathe hits a target while Soul Energy is full.
        – The range of the Art of Unsheathing effect has been increased by 20% and the number of hits has been increased from 5 to 10.
        – Skill Attribute Opportunune Art of Unsheating’s cooldown reduction effect has been reduced from 25% to 15%. Cooldown has been reduced from 20 seconds to 5 seconds. (Cooldown reduction effect does not apply to Unsshethe.)
      • The Wraith Form skill has been changed as follows.
        – Barrier value of Wraith’s Protection effect reduced from 15% to 10% of total Vitality.
        – Additional Physical DMG when attacking has been reduced from 100 to 80 and cooldown is increased by 2 seconds.
      • Demon Slaughter’s Power reduced from 1030 to 927.
      • Wraith Blade power reduced from 500/700/1000 to 450/630/900.
      • Skill Attribute Displacing Soul Slash power reduced from 1200 to 1080.
      • The Wraith Stab skill has been changed as follows.
        – Wraith Weakening effect’s damage increase has been reduced from 10% to 5%.
        – Wraith Shred effect damage amplification reduced from 100/103/106/109/112% to 50/52/54/56/58%.
      • When using the Skill Attribute Displacing Soul Veil, Soul Veil’s duration is changed to 3 seconds.
      • Ultimate Defense Soul Extortion’s Barrier gain amount decreased from 5% to 3%.
      • Movement range when using Gale Sword skill changed from 8m to 6m.
      • Description of the Wraith Form effect that applies when using the Wraith Form Balanced Wraith Form skill. Gains a Tenacity effect that matches the actual effect.
  • Mana Awakening
    • Start of Month of Aquarius Mana Awakening Season
      • Added and changed Mana Awakening Imprint as follows.
        • Fiery Pit : Target’s damage taken changed from 10/12.5/15% to 5/7.5/10%.
        • Iron-Pearcing Projectile : Total DMG taken changed from 5/10/15% to 5/7.5/10%.
        • Exaltation : Stamina regeneration when defeating an enemy with a Swing skill changed from 200/300/400 to 2000/2500/3000 (5 second cooldown).
        • Barrier Destruction : change activation Changed from when hit by a Pierce skill to when hitting enemies within 10m.
        • Skewer : Changed from a Stiffen attack to a fan behind the target hit when attacking with a Pierce skill (Cooldown 20s/15s/10s) to gain an additional 100 Penetration effect when hitting enemies within 10m ( Lasts 5 sec, Cooldown 40 sec/30 sec/20 sec)
        • Berserking Pet : MOV SPD, ATK SPD, and DMG deal of the Enraged effect changed from an increase of 20/30/40% to an increase of 20/25/30%.
        • Emergency Protection Device : Changed from creating a barrier that protects 10/20/30% of Max Vitality (50 second cooldown) to a barrier that protects 10/15/20% of Max Vitality (40 second cooldown).
        • Tough Skin (New) : Gain a 5/10/15% reduction effect on all DMG received when hit under 20% Vitality status (lasts 5s, cooldown 30s).
        • Bulletproof Enhancement : Total DMG received changed from increased 5/4.5/4/3.5/3/2.5% increased 4/3.5/3/2.5/2/1.5%
        • Magicproof Enhancement : Total DMG received changed from increased 5/4.5/4/3.5/3/2.5% increased 4/3.5/3/2.5/2/1.5%
        • Vital Point Enhancement (New) : Grants an effect that reduces Critical Hit Power received when hit by Critical Hit DMG by 10/20/30% (lasts 5s, cooldown 25s).
        • Physical/Magic DEF : Changed from 2 increments to 3 increments based on Imprint Level.
        • Critical Hit DEF Rate, Critical Hit Resistance Rate : Changed from 2 increments to 3 increments based on Imprint Level.
        • Physical/Magic Pierce : Changed from 1 increments to 2 increments based on Imprint Level.
        • Combat Technique (New) : Increase by 1 according to Imprint Level
  • Rune Attribute
    • Awakening
      • Changed Agility Rune Attribute from Skill Attribute Point reduction by 12 but all Skill Cooldown reduction effects by 8% to Increase Stamina Regeneration by 300 and Reduce Max Stamina by 1500.
    • Protection
      • Changed Resolution Rune Attribute to enable Tenacity and Relentless effects during skill cast (cast). Relentless Rune Attribute will be applied normally when using skill (Soul Liberation), Assassin(Smokescreen). , Archer(Balanced Hurricane Leap), Soulbringer(Balanced Wraith Form) due to Rune Attribute change.
  • Contents
    • Increased the number of members who could join Realm War from 70 to 100.
    • Changed the chance to trigger from 5% to 20% when attacking with an additional effect from the +35 Legendary equipment item, and increased the cooldown from 5s to 40s.
    • Changed when upgrading items Rapid Will Set, Cycling Insight Set or Sharp Instinct Set will increase DEF from +1.
    • Changed to be able to unbind new Set Items: Rapid Will Set, Cycling Insight Set, Sharp Instinct Set Item Unbind Scroll can be purchased from General Goods Merchant.
    • The original Equipment Unbind Scroll was renamed Old Equipment Unbind Scroll and changed to be available for purchase from the Tigris Merchant Guild Traveling Shop.
    • Changed to be able to enter Commander from Rank 1~10 based on Honor Point ranking at the start of Realm War.
    • After joining Realm War, personal points for winning/losing rewards in the area have been changed from 1,000 points to 5,000 points or more.
    • Displays ‘One or More Character Collecting Collection Book’ content in part of the Collection Book that other characters in the ID are collecting.
    • Changed so that some items returned from the Collection Book will be unbound. and can be stored in inventory and destroyed
    • Improved the sorting criteria to allow completed topics in the Collection Book.
    • Changed so that Equipment Unbind Scrolls cannot be sold in the shop.
    • Item combination cost Rare/Epic/Legendary Enhancement Rate Aid changed to 1000 Gold.
    • Improved to be able to cancel Transformation. After transforming using an item Spirit and entering Realm War.
    • Improved to display ranks without ranks in commander info in Realm War UI.
    • The ranking is saved at the commander’s information in the Realm War UI 10 minutes before the start of Realm War, and the saved information is maintained until the end of the Realm War.
    • When the time is not in progress, Realm War will save Honor Point Ranking which is refreshed every 30 minutes at commander information in Realm War UI.
    • It is improved to show Cooldown when there is Cooldown in Special Enchanted Effects.
    • Items related to upgrading some original content reward items Has been changed to a new upgrade item.
    • Fixed Enhancement Scrolls can be obtained when dismantling Sharp Instinct, Rapid Will, and Cycling Insight equipment Uncommon/Rare/Epic grades. that have been upgraded as required
    • When upgrading the device In the case of upgrade materials It will also be registered in the UI.
    • Added a feature to be able to check hunt logs in the Shrine of Greed and the Dimensional Portal.
    • Items obtained by disassembling Mounts will be given as Unknown Cogwheel Coin items.
    • Unknown Cogwheel Coin Item x10 can be obtained by disassembling an Epic Mount sold at the Ruby Shop.
    • Unknown Cogwheel Coin items can be exchanged for the following items.
      • Unknown Mount Random Box x40
      • Brilliant Unknown Mount Random Box x120
      • Tigris Battle Potion III x1
      • Magic Yarn x5
    • The casting time of the item Cruiser Bike, Amazing Magic Carpet has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
    • Reduced the number of members who could join Realm War from 100 to 70.
    • Changed the Lieutenant Commander that appears in Realm War to move only to the middle of the Battlefield.
    • Increased the Skill Power of Mobility Ballista that can ride at Realm War and increased Barrier Destruction effect.
    • Changed Flying Dragon Pirate Fleet to no longer appear in the sky between Red Lion Plains and Azure Wolf Plains.
    • Added a combination method to be able to combine Random Effect-Changer, Random Effect Lock, Uncommon, Rare, Epic items to high level.
    • The description of the ‘Damage Amplifying’ effect that applies when the Moment of the Steal Main Weapon Fixed Effect is on has been changed to ‘Increase Skill DMG and next 30% recovery amount by 1 time’ to match A. real effect
    • Upon defeating a Fortress Commander that appeared when in Guard Posture Level 3 in Conflict Zone, the Enhance Stone item was changed to an Enhancing Agent item.
  • Dimensional Portal
    • Secret Sea
      • Change to display system messages. In the case of moving to immobile areas in the Secret Sea and over time it may take damage.
      • Changed rewards for Abandoned Underground Temple, Chaos Fortress, Frozen City, Sacredwood Temple, Dragon Garden Dimensional Portal.
      • Improved so that EXP will not decrease upon death from monsters within all Dimensional Portals except Wraith Monastery.
      • Secret Sea Dimensional Portal is changed to not share Daily Portal execution time.
    • Distance of Resistance
      • Added the Distance of Resistance Dimensional Portal, a new personal daily portal.
    • Palace of Opportunity
      • Level Up Palace of Opportunity Expert II
      • Improved to receive the same amount of Gold instead of miscellaneous items When defeating monsters in the Palace of Opportunity
      • Unified Dimensional Portal UI’s Palace of Opportunity Dimensional Portal title. and when choosing to view details will be able to check various difficulty levels
    • Exile’s Isle
      • Level Up, Vitality, DEF of Traitor monsters Mardut appeared in Exile’s Isle.
  • Dungeon
    • Improved the display style of the HP gauge by removing the DMG effect received from Raid Boss monsters in Raid Dungeons and increasing the Boss’s Max HP.
    • Improved the issue where rewards could not be received sometimes. or Ranking will not be recorded when defeating boss monsters in Party/Raid Dungeons.
    • Upon defeating Ignous the Pyro, King Irukas will receive an Enhancing Agent item. Additional expected rewards can be checked in the Dungeon UI.
  • Transcendent Dungeon
    • Defeat monsters in Poison Mist Port, Advanced Poison Mist Port to obtain ‘Pirate Ship’s Faded Jewel’ item.
    • Killing monsters in Spiked Citadel, Advanced Spiked Citadel will grant Epic/Legendary Random items. Effect-Changer
  • Hall of Honor
    • Changed Frosty Castle of Demons, Burning Temple 3 VS 3, Commander’s Training Ground to be unusable.
    • Changed the match limit prompt when matching Arena from ‘100 points or more’ to ‘100 points’.
    • Added Captain Battle Ranking to the Ranking section. It will be ranked after joining 3 or more times every week.
    • Greed Arena matchmaking time has been changed to Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 19:00~21:00, 22:00~24:00.
    • Captain Battle is now unmatchable when in a party state. And the time that can be matched has been changed to Monday, Thursday, Saturday 19:00~21:00, 22:00~24:00.
    • Improved to display DMG given by characters and DMG given by shunned beasts separately in Arena DMG.
    • Rewards have been changed in the Hall of Honor.
    • Add Iron Wall Citadel
      • The Iron Wall Citadel can be matched for 20 minutes on weekdays (Mon-Fri) at 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM, and on weekends. (Saturday – Sunday) at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
      • Adventurers with level 47 or higher and item level 600 or higher can participate.
      • Battle Arena Minimum 10 VS 10, Maximum 15 VS 15. The team that destroys the opponent’s Relic first wins.
      • Manamech can be summoned and mounted by collecting Manamech Components and when boss monsters appear. The team that defeats it gains a buff that reduces DMG taken and increases DMG dealt.
  • Item
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Unstable Accelerant Piece’ item could not be disassembled.
    • Fixed an issue where the Skill Attribute item introduction clip that could be traded was sometimes not displayed.
    • The following Style Equipment items have been changed to Epic and are now upgradable and dismantled.
      • Gray Round Glasses, Stylish Cat Ears Hat, Sunglasses, Monocle, Newsboy Cap
    • Changed to be able to disassemble the ‘Android School Bag (M)’ item.
    • Fixed an issue where Epic Brilliant Honor equipment was displayed in the ‘New Transition Item Direct Exchange Ticket’ description.
    • Added descriptions about equipment that cannot be traded in the ‘Legendary Equipment Set Effect Exchange Ticket’ item description.
    • change to be able to destroy Transcendent Runestone, some of which were indestructible before.
    • Added the item ‘Style Outfit Random Box’ to the Magic Yarn Shop.
    • Remove the word content can be purchased at the Growth Material Shop. In item description of Enhancement Aura
    • Removed the item ‘Enhancement Aura X 100,000’ in the Growth Material Shop.
    • The maximum number of stacks for the following items has been changed from 100 to 1000.
      • Herb, Log, Sliced Fish, Ore Fragment, Leather, Blessing Crystal, Fresh Herb, Solid Hardwood, High-Purity Ore, High Quality Leather, Pearl
    • delete the word ‘Attach an item to participate in the event’ in the ‘[Event] Enhancement Aura Random Box’ item description.
  • Pet/Luminus
    • Improved to be able to specify names in Constellation Preset Yes
    • Add Virgo to the collection. Constellation requires 2,000,000 Gold to activate.
    • Add Constellation Preset
      • can change Constellation Preset every 1 minute and cannot be changed while in battle.
      • Only Leo has Preset enabled by default. other constellations must be enabled for each Preset.
      • Luminus registered in Constellation Preset No. 1 can be registered in Constellation Presets No. 2-5 can also be used, and if registered in Even just 1 Constellation Preset cannot be disassembled/converted/combined.
      • Constellation Preset No.1 can be used as default. Constellation Presets No.2 and No. 3 require Gold, Constellation Presets No. 4 and No.5 require items. ‘Constellation Preset Expansion Ticket’
  • NPC/Monster
    • Changed some NPC locations in the Sea of Ruins Foothold.
    • Storage Manager NPCs have been added to each Foothold. You must be level 36 or higher and have completed the quest ‘[House] First Steps to Pioneer’ to be able to use the Storage.
    • Changed brown horse position in Crescent Molar Foothold.
  • UI
    • Changed to no longer show completed battlefields in the World Map’s Hall of Honor section.
    • Removing content about rerolling Runestone Slot In the item lock/unlock description
    • Added Loading image of the Iron Wall Citadel.
    • Added the Artifact section under the Marketplace Accessories section.
    • Improved to be able to check the number of Armlet Enhance Stone needed to upgrade Armlet.
  • Graphic/Sound
    • Improved to not show Shield and Outfit overlapping when equipping Amusement Park Dinosaur Balloon Hat/Outfit with Paladin class.
    • Fixed an issue where some Amusement Park Dinosaur Balloon Hat/Outfit items were not dyed. when dyeing
  • System
    • Added an option to change the left and right stick of the Game Pad to the [Game] section of the environment settings.
    • The MOV SPD effect has been changed to be separate between Character MOV SPD and Mount MOV SPD.
      • Character MOV SPD obtained from effects Rune, Equipment and abnormal status is not applied to Mount MOV SPD, and Mount can only increase SPD with Mount MOV SPD effect.
    • Limits the maximum value of the MOV SPD effect.
      • Max Character MOV SPD: 325
      • Max Mount MOV SPD: 350
  • Event Start
    • 12/01/2566 – 26/01/2566
      • Dungeon Adventure Click
      • Increase equipment refine rate by 20%.
      • Welcome new Mana Awakening season, increase Mana EXP +100%
    • 12/01/2566 – 09/02/2566
      • Merge Server Attendance Click
      • Daily Elyon Box Event Click

2. Pending Issues to be Fixed

  • Resolved lag problems in certain areas.
  • Cheat program detection is improved.

3. Ruby Shop Update

  • Learn more about the Ruby Shop update Here.