Maintenance 29 September 2022




1. Improvements and Fixes

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  • Skill balance adjustment
    • [Elementalist]
      • Adjusted Fiery Bash skill when using Skill Attribute Active Fiery Bash reduced PVP damage of 8 shells from 25% to 10%.
      • Increased Deep Freeze Immunity when using Skill Attribute Vengeful Magic Barrier’s from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
      • Skill Attribute Accelerated Firehawk Dodge increased from 350 to 600.
      • Increased Tenacity effect while using Skill Fiery Dash.
      • Fixed an issue where Transcendent Imprint Planted Threat and Restraining Blade skills were not working when used with the following skills: Measured Frosthail, Frost Blast, Unrelenting Lightning Torrent, Voltage Shot (Ultimate Imprint).
      • Fixed an issue where Tenacious Blades would not work when using Dimensional Distortion: Leap.
    • [Mystic]
      • Fixed an issue where the Summon Totem would not appear correctly when using the Pyro Necklace item Spirit King’s Totem skill [Spirit King’s Totem].
      • Fixed an issue that sometimes attacked back when using Skill Attribute Measured Toxic Swarm.
    • [Gunner]
      • Increased the duration of the ‘Evade’ effect when using Call: War Drone from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
      • Changed Skill Attribute Altered Barrage, Combined Barrage, and Idle Barrage into skills. Non-targeting
      • Fixed the issue where Timed Mortar’s effect was not damaged after being hit with Skill Attribute Idle Barrage.
      • Changed the Crowd Control resistance effect ‘Relentless’ will now apply when in the smoke bomb created when using Grenade Lob’s ‘Unrelenting Grenade Lob’ Skill Attribute.
    • [Assassin]
      • Skill Smokescreen Removed ‘Relentless’ effect from skill description to match actual skill usage.
      • Each time Shadow Split’s Skill Attribute ‘Accelerated Shadow Split’ is used, it creates a barrier equal to 5% of Max HP.
      • Shadow Beheading Skill Attribute Stealth effect removed and Invincibility effect. Lasts 3 seconds and the Energy consumption is changed to 0.
      • Increased the duration of Counterattack’s stun effect from 0.5 seconds to 1 second.
      • When attacking Skill Attribute Pervasive Obliteration, Obliteration has a 35% chance to gain 3 Brands (effect cooldown time 5s).
      • Reverse Kick’s Block effect has been removed, and upon hitting the target has a 100% chance to increase the Weakness Exposure effect.
      • Fixed an issue where Reverse Kick’s stun effect was applied to targets that were immune to Crowd Control.
      • Adds a Block effect on the first two attacks of Shadow Attack, and if it is a Shocking Shadow Attack skill, applies a Block effect on the first attack.
      • Smokescreen Skill Attribute Fatal Smokescreen duration reduced from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.
      • Shadow Rainfall Power reduced from 230/288/346 to 115/144/173, but increased PVE damage by 100% when using Skill Attribute Pervasive Shadow Rainfall.
      • The Lightning Cutter skill has been adjusted as follows.
        – Changed the skill name from Lighting Cutter to Dagger Stab and changed the skill’s Motion.
        – Cooldown changed from 15 seconds to 10 seconds, and Power per attack changed from 101 to 138.
        – Removed Stun, Superconductor effects. Exit and add Stiffen and Recalibrate effects (10% MOV ​​SPD reduction, up to 5 stacks).
        – Amplified Dagger Stab: Doubles the range, pull effect when hit the target.
        – Vampiric Dagger Stab: Recovers HP equal to 70% of the damage when hit the target, increases skill stack +1.
        – Pervasive Dagger Stab: Changed to a skill. Non-targeting and cooldown changed to 0s, summons an illusion clone to attack to deal the same damage and effect. but removes the Stiffen effect
        – Active Dagger Stab: Change to skill Non-targeting and cooldown changed to 0s. Stiffen effect (including PC) vanishes. Has 10% chance to stun for 1s on hit, increases all Pierce Power by 10% for 3s on hit. target (Overlaps up to 3 times)
      • When using Shadow Split’s Skill Attribute Accelerated Shadow Split, the Shadow Rainfall effect is activated after the attack ends.
      • Adds 100% PVE damage to Shadow Rainfall’s Attribute Amplified Shadow Rainfall skill.
      • Talonhook’s Skill Attribute Vampiric Talonhook target count increased from 8 to 10, skill range increased by 50%, and HP regen on hit decreased from 50% to 30%.
      • Increase Barrier effect equal to 40% of Max HP while using Execution skill.
    • [Slayer]
      • Rampage damage reduction effect increased from 60% to 80%, Dark attack Critical Hit Rate effect reduced from 40% to 20%, and chance to cause. Stiffen reduced from 100% to 50%.
      • Absolute Attack’s Accuracy effect changed to Bullseye effect.
      • Changed to increase cooldown time by 50% when using Skill Attribute Altered Battle Integration of Battle Integration skill.
      • Changed the cooldown time to 100% when using the Blood Sword Skill Attribute Displacing Blood Sword.
      • The duration of the Blood Imprint effect in effect when using Bloody Pyre’s Mighty Bloody Pyre Skill Attribute reduced from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
      • Fixed an issue where Mystic’s Morph: Shrink was hit while using the Blood Imprint effect.
      • Fixed the issue where the amount of healing received for the Slayer class was lower than that of other classes.
    • [Archer]
      • Tornado Skill Attribute Mighty Tornado duration reduced from 8 seconds to 5 seconds, and increased Crowd Control resistance effect.
      • Cyclone Windforce Arrow Skill Attribute Measured Windforce Arrow Power increase reduced from 100% to 90%.
      • Quiver Charger Skill Attribute Opportune Quiver Charger has the following changes.
        – Cooldown reduction amount reduced from 50% to 40% when using skill.
        – When Hurricane Leap is used while using the Skill Attribute ‘Opportune Quiver Charger’, creates a barrier that absorbs damage equal to 15% of Max HP for 3 seconds.
    • [Paladin]
      • Fixed an issue where targets hit with Punishment would sometimes get Clean.
      • Changed the maximum range of Explosive Punishment from 15 meters to 10 meters.
      • Fixed an issue where Effect Silence continued when using Explosive Punishment.
      • Fixed an issue where the Accelerated Holy Strike skill would not work in certain terrains.
      • Fixed an issue where Tenacious Blades did not display when using the Skill Attribute Displacing Brilliant Light Sword.
      • Fixes an issue that could delete the status Invincibility can be caused by the Holy Ground skill
      • Fixed an issue where the Flash skill’s Airborne status could sometimes be applied to targets affected by Immunity.
      • Fixed the issue where dark attribute buffs and debuffs could not be removed normally when using Holy Ground’s ‘Agile Holy Ground’ Skill Attribute.
      • Fixed an issue where the ‘Stun’ effect was applied when the ‘Rear Blast’ effect was activated using the Annihilating Light’s ‘Shocking Annihilating Light’ Skill Attribute after activating Control 33 Rear Blast. Rune Attribute
      • Fixed the issue where the effect area range and skill effect area distance did not match when selecting Skill Attribute ‘Infinite Rushing Light’ of skill ‘Active Blink Sword’ Skill Attribute, Rushing Light.
      • Changed the maximum range of Explosive Punishment from 15 meters to 10 meters.
      • Changed the Annihilating Light skill to only use in the direction of the target.
      • Skill Attribute Infinite Annihilating Light can be used with at least 30 Energy.
      • Changed the movement to end faster when using other skills after using Rushing Light and being able to move when using skills.
      • Rushing Light target number changed increased from 5 to 7.
      • Changed the Rushing Light skill to not be canceled when using other skills while using Rushing Light.
      • Changed the movement to end faster when using other skills after using Rushing Light and being able to move when using skills.
      • Holy Blessing’s ‘Mighty Holy Blessing’ Skill Attribute duration reduced from 8s to 5s, projectile damage reduction amount reduced from 50% to 30%, and damage dealt increased. from 10% to 20%
      • Sacred Grace skill ‘Pull’ effect range ‘Shocking Sacred Grace’ increased by 25% compared to before. and the number of targets increased to 7 people
      • Blink Sword skill has been changed so that movement ends faster when using Skill Attribute Active Blink Sword and can move when using skills. Added ‘Relentless’ ‘Tenacity’ effect while using the skill.
      • Changed to disable the Crowd Control resistance effect in Faith of Protection state when selecting Rushing Light’s ‘Active Blink Sword’ Skill Attribute, ‘Infinite Rushing Light’ Skill Attribute.
  • Rune Attributes
    • [Fate]
      • Fixed an issue where some Rune Attributes were not being used when changing the Rune Attribute Preset after activating Rune Energy.
    • [Control]
      • Content about adding Accuracy 600 in description Silence Rune Attribute changed to ‘Bullseye’ effect applied when using the skill.
    • [Support]
      • Fixed an issue where the Rune Attribute ‘Stronger Together’ and ‘Safer Together’ effects would sometimes overlap.
  • Runestone Effect Change Function
    • Added a feature to change the Runestone effect.
      • Can be changed using Common Runestone of the same tier or Runestone Essence Magic Book item.
      • When Common Runestone is used as a material, 7 effects are randomly selected.
      • When changing Runestone effects, the rate of change for each effect It is equal to the gain rate for each effect when upgrading Runestone and has the same chance of getting the same effect. (unchanged)
      • The amount of ‘Runestone Essence Magic Book’ items required to change the effect of each Runestone tier is as follows.
        Runestone Level Required
        Level 3 x1
        Level 4 x2
        Level 5 x8
        Level 6 x58
  • Mana Awakening
    • Cooldown increased to 60 seconds in Ultimate Imprint’s Ultimate skill.
  • General
    • Improved that if the buff effect applied to a character exceeds 40 buffs, the effect with the lowest remaining time will disappear first.
  • Arbitration & Conflict Channels
    • Change the channel division into Arbitration Channel and Conflict Channel.
      • In the Arbitration Channel, it is not possible to attack the opposing faction even in the Conflict area.
      • Channel change can only be done in Foothold or Village by pressing the green bird mark or red sword on the radar.
      • Changing channels can be changed every 3 minutes.
      • Changed that the Judgment Colossus, Fallen Transport Ship, Locked Supply Box, War Signal Conquest War, Fortress Commander defeat, Jar of Greed, and Demon Disguise Mask can only be executed in the Conflict Channel.
      • Content display notification message will appear in both Conflict/Arbitration Channel
      • When using Steel/Fairwind Expeditionary Ship Transport Device is teleported to Conflict Channel.
  • Shrine of Greed
    • The Shrine of Greed has been added, a hunting ground where combat support functions can be used. and within that can attack all opponents except members of the same clan.
    • You can enter the waiting room by clicking the [Shrine of Greed] button in the ESC menu.
    • You can enter the waiting room through interaction at 12:00 by purchasing the Entrance of Gluttony Entry Ticket from NPC Tower Manager Aldor in the waiting room.
    • To enter the Hallway of Sloth Level 2, you must defeat monsters to obtain the Hallway of Sloth Entry Ticket.
    • Can be used for 8 hours per week and can get Time Recharge Potion when hunting monsters.
    • Pale Runestone Fragments can be obtained by defeating monsters. Collect them and exchange them for Runestone items, including Bind Runestone Level 5, 6.
    • In the Shrine of Greed, you can obtain items with materials needed to craft equipment. Transcendent, new Soul Stone, and new accessories such as Magic Rings/Earrings and special Refining Stones.
    • When defeating a boss monster, the last attacker will receive a kill reward. and participating adventurers will receive basic rewards.
  • Style Equipment Unbind Scrolls
    • Added Style Equipment Unbind Scroll to allow Style Equipment items to unbind.
      • If it is an item that cannot be exchanged Even if the commitment has been released The item cannot be traded as before, but can only be moved within the account.
      • when releasing the bond The amount of items and gold that must be paid varies by level. And the higher the upgrade level, the higher the Gold payable.
        Equipment Grade Scroll Required Gold Required
        Rare 1 10,000 – 130,000
        Epic 2 20,000 – 340,000
        Legendary 10 150,000
  • Armlet Exchange Tickets
    • Added an Armlet Exchange Ticket, which can be used to change the Armlet type to another type while maintaining the upgrade level of an Armlet item.
      • Has a 3% chance to gain when dismantling a Legendary Armlet (applies separately to the rate of obtaining an Enhance Stone when dismantling).
      • when exchanging The amount of items and gold required will vary depending on the tier. And the higher the upgrade level, the more Gold required.
        Armlet Grade Ticket Required Gold Required
        Armlet of Faint Aura 1 1,000 – 6,000
        Armlet of Extravagant Aura 3 10,000 – 130,000
        Armlet of Radiant Aura 10 20,000 – 340,000
        Armlet of Brilliant Aura 25 50,000 – 1,000,000
  • Dimensional Portal
    • Abandoned Underground Temple
      • Old Equipment Upgrade Stone Pieces (Earrings/Ring) obtained from the Favor of the Sacred Relic effect used when possessing a Sacred Relic in the Abandoned Underground Temple have been changed to Radiant Accessory Upgrade Stone Powder.
    • Forest of Ensnarement
      • Improved the effect of Hunting EXP commonly used in the Forest of Ensnarement.
    • Palace of Opportunity
      • Fixed an issue where using Blink Sword skill while using Channeling skill or using Blink Sword skill incorrectly When using the Paladin class combat support system
    • Nousgard Hunting Grounds
      • Fixed an issue where Lunaris appeared as Solaris in the Vulpin Tigris Investigation Team Member’s buff effect description at Nousgard Hunting Grounds.
    • Exile’s Isle
      • Traitor Mardut
        – The reward for defeating Traitor Mardut has been changed to only 1 time per day.
        – Changed the display of the number of recommended combat members from 5 to 10.
    • Odin’s Sky Isle
      • The boss monster that appears when hunting monsters in Odin’s Sky Isle has been improved to appear faster than before.
    • Sandstorm Valley
      • The boss monster that appears when hunting monsters in Sandstorm Valley has been improved to appear faster.
  • Clan Dungeon
    • Added Clan Dungeon: Lost Storm Rock Highlands
      • Players can enter dungeons through the Clan menu titled Clan Dungeon.
      • Clan Dungeon resets every Thursday after server maintenance.
      • In the dungeon, players must defeat the Mecandra that appears when they interact with Mecandra’s Life-Bringing Stele.
      • Monsters will appear to disturb players while trying to defeat Mecandra.
      • The monsters that emerge will strengthen Mecandra and weaken the player’s character.
      • When Impregnable Demeiron, Lightning Krark, Berserk Equzin, and Wakhtu of Division appear, players can acquire Electric Orb using Updraft and charge pads, which increases the player’s damage to aid in battle.
      • Cannot be resurrected through the UI upon death in a Clan Dungeon.
      • Added Lost Storm Rock Highlands achievements and titles.
  • Transcendent Dungeon
    • Fixed the issue where monsters spawn in inaccessible locations in the Poison Mist Cave.
    • Fixed an issue where the UI didn’t show completion status when completing dungeons.
  • Abyssal Dungeon: Abyssal Night
    • When you die in this The durability of your equipped equipment will no longer decrease.
    • Fixed an issue where Numen would not decrease when revived after being killed by Master of the Night.
  • Pets & Luminus
    • Add Favorites and Auto Summon
      • You can click on the gray ribbon at the top right of the Pet/Luminus to add it to your favorites.
      • Can add pets/Luminus You can list up to 4 characters in your favorites list.
      • Favorites Pets/Luminus can be set to auto-summon when you log in.
      • You can set up only one auto-summoning Luminus. and one for each type of pet (Normal & Premium).
  • Pet Collection
    • Change the score calculation to a grade-based calculation. Not the number of pets (10 points for normal pets, 20 points for premium pets, 10 points per grade). This adjustment will not change the actual effect from the previous UI showing the collection effect. The slope will always appear even if you don’t select a pet.
  • Life & House
    • Adjusted the Learn Expert Skill and Change Expert Skill buttons to display expertise information.
    • The home base menu was renamed to “Startup Base” and added each faction’s starting camp which can be teleported to the base location.
    • The main success rate increase effect applied depends on the level of crafting proficiency. This will now apply to the master rate of crafted items. and this information will be displayed.
      • A significant increase in success rate is used as a multiplier.
      • The description that appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the Crafting UI expert button has been changed to indicate that you can create recipes. Get more as your expertise grows.
  • Quests
    • Fixed the quest details text to be correct.
  • UI
    • Added descriptions for upgrading Breakthrough equipment on the item refine page.
    • The map has been updated to display Reroll Expert NPCs.
    • Fixed an issue where artifact equipment slot name was incorrect and equipped artifacts did not appear when viewing own character.
    • Fixed an issue where the Quest Conversation Skip and Mission Completion Reward buttons were displaying on the keyboard when playing with a GamePad controller.
    • Fixed a bug in the Mana Awakening Imprint title and description.
    • Improved Clan Gold information in Clan UI.
  • Graphic & Sound
    • Fixed an issue where certain gestures would appear unnatural when wearing the Dark Rabbit outfit (M & F).
    • Fixed the issue where the neck accessory looked unnatural when wearing the Lovely Maid Outfit (F).
  • Fixed Issues

    • Fixed an issue where fixed effects for Judge’s Helmet were not working when using Paladin’s Tab skill.
    • Fixed an issue where using Paladin’s Amplified Punishment attribute would reduce the skill’s power.
    • Fixed an issue where Legacy of Enoch weapon effects was not appearing on Paladin.
    • Fixed an issue where Paladin’s Holy Resurrection would not revive when used in certain locations.
  • Other
    • Replaced the Jar’s Possession effect that is applied when interacting with Jar of Greed. It can only be used in Conflict Zone areas.
    • Change some content’s Upgrade Stone Piece item rewards to Equipment Upgrade Stone Powder that matches the level.
    • Fix missed issues Upgraded Epic/Legendary Weapon Cube when separating Dungeon/Honor Set Long Sword and Holy Shield Epic/Legendary level upgraded +8 or higher.
    • Fixed an issue where Magic Equipment Piece items could not be received when disassembling Legendary Dungeon/Honor/Breakthrough Long Sword and Holy Shield items, Brilliant Metal Piece items not being received when disassembling Legendary +12+ Breakthrough, Dungeon/Honor Long Sword and Holy Shield + 14 and above
    • Fixed to automatically switch to 1:1 Chat tab when chatting 1:1.
    • Changed to have a chance of obtaining Equipment Upgrade Stone Powder when defeating the Clan Boss of the Harth Continent.
    • Added the Abyssal Night Dungeon rating to the Ranking section and removed the Dimensional Chasm rating.

2. Pending Issues to be Fixed

  • Resolved lag problems in certain areas.
  • Cheat program detection is improved.
  • Mystic – Skill Attribute: Altered Toxic Swarm Incorrect VDO suggestion.

3. Ruby Shop Update

  • Learn more about the Ruby Shop update Here.