ELYON SEA : Pre-Order Package


Celebrate ElyonSEA’s Official Launch with 5 exclusive packages from the Black Market!

Promotion Duration: 27th June – 7th July 2022 at 00:59 PM. (GMT +8)
Duration of Item Code: 27th June to 1st September 2022 at 00:59 PM. (GMT +8)

Terms and conditions for Item Shop:

1. Playpark reserves the right to change, amend, add/reduce items, and end the sale early. This includes additional conditions related to the Black Market system without prior notice
2. When logging into PlayMall for the first time, you must choose the correct currency to pay in. (Currency change must wait 60 days before it can be changed again)*
3. If you purchase products from PlayMall, the resulting amount will not be able to participate in a promotion, top-up, or another spending on the website.
4. Item Code works with game ID and can only be used with ELYON SEA game item code system.
5. When adding the Item Code, the item will be sent to the designated ID’s ‘Gift Box’, where items will remain in the slot for the time indicated in the game.
6. If you have any questions about using the Black Market, please read the instructions at the bottom of this newsletter.
7. Please create a character in the game before filling the item code, otherwise you will not receive any items.
8. During weekly maintenance, if the various buff items in both the Item Shop and Cash expires, there is no compensation. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis, such as emergency renovations.
9. Playpark reserves the right to not compensate any purchases if they were not used/applied within the specified period.


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Available package details (limited stock)

Package Detail Cost
Expiration Date Limited to
Honor Package
– Ruby Box: 2,000 + 50
– Glorious Wings Wingsuit x 1
– Hoverboard x 1
– Pet Registration: Siamese Cat x 1
– Resurrection Scroll x 5
~28.14/- 31/08/2022 1 ID Only
Expansion Package
– Ruby Box: 2,000 + 50
– Storage Slot Expansion +7 x 2
– Inventory Slot Expansion +8 x 2
– Character Slot Expansion Ticket x 1
~28.14/- 31/08/22 1 ID Only
Premium Package
– Ruby Box: 2,000 + 50
– Pet Registration: Ribbon Rabbit x 1
– Premium Pet Skill Change Ticket x 10
~28.14/- 31/08/2022 1 ID Only
Exclusive Package
– Ruby Box: 3,000 + 100
– Star’s Blessing (30 Days) x 1
– Wilter’s Brush (30 Days) x 1
– Storage Keeper Caller (30 Days) x 1
– General Goods Merchant Caller (30 Days) x 1
– Fashion: Free-Spirited Messenger’s Set (Helmet , Outfit, Back) x 1
~42.35/- 31/08/2022 1 ID Only
Blessing Package
– Ruby Box: 3,000 + 100
– Selection Radiant Luminus Box (Grade 4) x 1
– Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box x 1
– Safe Enhancement Tool x 7
– [Account] Blessed Refined Weapon Enhance Stone x 5
– [Account] Blessed Refined Armor Enhance Stone x 5
~70.77/- 31/08/2022 1 ID Only


*Playpark reserves the right to not compensate for anything in the case of the item code not being used within the specified period.
*Some items have terms of use, please check for more details before purchasing.
*You can only redeem 1 item code per ID. However, you are able to purchase multiple packages but send them to other IDs.
*Playpark reserves the right to not remedy any issues caused on the user’s end.  *Products are limited. 

How to buy products from Harth Market:

1. Click on the image below to log in to the Item Shop.

2. Log in with your ID to make payments through Playmall system.

3. Choose ELYON.

4. The Item Shop will use money from PlayMall wallet to buy products.

5. If there is money in Playmall system, you can click to select the desired product from the picture and press the button. [Add to Cart] to make purchases


6. If there is insufficient money in your PlayMall wallet, the system will ask you to top up your wallet. (Click on the orange top-up button)

7. Select the type of card you want to top up.

8. The amount added to the Playmall wallet will be displayed in the system as shown in the picture. After that, go back to the Black Market again.

9. After checking that all the desired products are correct, press the [Payment] button.

10. The system will display the remaining balance and the amount to be paid. Please press the [Payment] button to confirm the purchase.

11. After that, check the Item Code that you have received. By selecting the game Elyon and you will see the history of all item purchases along with the item code of the purchased item. Use the code to fill in the Item Code page.

*Playpark reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.