Maintenance 1 September 2022




1. Improvements and Fixes

  • New Class “Paladin”
  • Event Start
    • [ELYON Pass]Season 3 Click
    • Elyon Play time attendance Click
    • Hot Time Event: Hunt on September Click
    • Paladin Daily Quest Click
    • Paladin Level challenge – Level Up and Get Free Item Click
  • New Equipment – Armlets
    • Added new equipment items called “Armlets,” which can be equipped in the Gloves Style slot and can be enhanced for better stats.
    • Armlets can be obtained from Judgment Colossus as loot or purchased from Enhancement Artisans.
    • Armlets do not have enhancement slots, so they can be enhanced to the maximum level without limitation.
    • Enhancement failstacks will accumulate when failing enhancements, and will be consumed upon success.
    • Armlets can be upgraded by using Armlet Upgrade Stones purchased from Equipment Upgrade/Succession Artisans.
    • Armlets are bound upon equip. Equipment Unbind Scroll for Armlets will be added at a later date.
  • New Equipment – Artifacts
    • Added new equipment items called “Artifacts,” Random Effect can be added or increased according to their Enhancement level.
    • Artifacts can be equipped from Level 45 and up to 2 Artifacts can be equipped per character. However, Artifacts of the same type cannot be stacked.
    • Similar to the existing equipment items, Artifacts have default stats and Random Effects, which can be improved through enhancements and upgrades.
    • Artifacts can be obtained from Irukas (30-man Raid), Hall of Challenges (Floor 47), Victorious Medal of Honor exchange, Growth Merchant, or Breath bosses beyond the Mana Wall.
    • You can enhance an Artifact through the Accessory Refiner NPC at Footholds, by using a new Enhance Stone meant for Artifact use.
    • Artifacts do not downgrade upon failure and enhancement can be performed infinitely.
    • Upon reaching +8 Enhancement Level, Rare-grade Artifacts can be Upgraded to Epic.
    • Upgrade and Promote Artifacts
      • When an Artifact item upgrade fails, the item cannot be destroyed or the upgrade cost is reduced. and the upgrade slot will not be disabled.
      • Upon successful upgrade of the Artifact, the upgrade cost will increase by 1, and upon reaching the maximum upgrade value (+8), it will be possible to advance to the next level through the Equipment Upgrade/Succession Artisan NPC.
      • Rare Artifact and Faint Equipment Upgrade Stone (Artifact) with an upgrade value of +8 are required to advance an Artifact item.
      • Faint Equipment Upgrade Stone(Artifact) can be obtained through forge [Account] Artifact Upgrade Stone and does not require additional materials.
        Upgrade Fare Rare Epic
        All Basic optimization Basic optimization
        4 Add 1 random effect. Add 1 random effect.
        Add 1 random effect level. Add 1 random effect level.
        Epic Artifact can be promoted.
    • Obtaining Artifacts and Artifact Enhance Stones
      • Artifact items can be obtained through various in-game content, including the 30-Player Raid [King Irukas].
      • The Artifact Enhance Stone can be obtained through hunting monsters within the Dimensional Portal, and dismantling an Artifact equipment item to obtain Artifact Enhance Stone depending on its level and upgrade cost.
      • The sources for obtaining various artifact items are as follows:
        Obtained through Can Exchange Note
        30-Player Raid [King Irukas]
        Yes Randomly give 1 Rare Artifact when defeating a boss.
        Hall of Challenges (F47) No Obtained from Rare Artifact Box (Bound upon opening)
        Exchange Victorious Medal of Honor
        No Obtained from Rare Artifact Box (Bound upon opening)
        Consume 5 Victorious Medal of Honor / Can redeem 3 per week.
        Defeat Breath Boss after Mana Wall. Yes When defeated, there is a chance of obtaining a Rare Artifact Equipment Box.
        (Can exchange boxes and items inside)
    • Stat
      • The new stats that appear as random effects against Artifacts are as follows.
        Stat Details
        PVP Accuracy Gain more precision when attacking a player
        PVE Accuracy Gain additional accuracy when attacking NPCs.
        Combat Technique Increases chance to attack enemies with own Max ATK when attacking, increases chance of being hit with opponent’s Min ATK when hit.
        Physical Piercing When attacking, the target’s physical defense is ignored (per %).
        Magic Piercing When attacking, the target’s magic defense is ignored (per %).
    • Artifact’s performance and stats
      • When equipped with an Artifact item, base performance and random effects are obtained. and can obtain other base performances depending on the type of Artifact.
      • All Artifact items may have the same random effect. The same random effect will not appear on the same Artifact item.
      • The basic performance and random effects that can be obtained for each type are as follows.
        ไอเทม Artifact Basic Performance Random Performance
        Artifact: Vehement Tiara
        Max ATK PVP Accuracy
        PVE Accuracy
        Combat Technique
        Natural HP Recovery
        Natural Energy Recovery
        Physical Defense
        Magic Defense
        Physical Piercing
        Magic Piercing
        Increased Physical Damage
        Increase Magic Damage
        Decrease Cooldown
        Upgrade Barrier
        Decrease Critical Hit Damage
        Critical Hit Resistance
        Artifact: Scales of Balance
        Artifact: Rapid Hourglass
        Artifact: Precise Horn Critical Hit Accuracy
        Artifact: Smiting Loop Critical Hit Power
        Artifact: Glass of Life Max HP
        Artifact: Evading Pivot Critical Hit Accuracy
        Artifact: Bell of Vitality Max Stamina
        Artifact: Spike Mask Reflect Damage
        Artifact: Draining Eye HP Absorption
  • Added new Adventurer Growth Support Box items during the event period. More Details Click
  • Add function Rune Attribute Preset
    • Rune Attribute Preset can be set at the top of the Rune Attribute UI.
      Slot Condition Amount
      2 Gold 300,000
      3 Gold 1,000,000
      4 Rune Attribute Preset Expansion Ticket 1
      5 Rune Attribute Preset Expansion Ticket 3
      6 Rune Attribute Preset Expansion Ticket 5
      7 Rune Attribute Preset Expansion Ticket 7
      8 Rune Attribute Preset Expansion Ticket 10
    • A minimum of 1 slot can be used and can be expanded using the ‘Rune Attribute Preset Expansion Ticket’ item sold in the Ruby Shop.
    • Preset hotkeys can be set in the Hotkeys section of the Keybinds settings.
    • Assault
      • Added Fallen King’s Return Rune Attribute (level 88).
      • Fixed the ‘Smite’ effect icon being applied because the Smite Rune Attribute was displayed to match the Rune Attribute icon.
    • Support
      • Fixed an issue where stealth targets within 12m could not be detected when Sensory Enhancement Rune Attribute was enabled with an Archer character.
      • Fixed an issue that was sometimes corrupted. when receiving an attack While the Energy Field, Steel Field effect is active
    • Fate
      • Fixed the ‘Gifted’ effect icon being applied due to the Gifted Rune Attribute to match the Rune Attribute icon.
      • Fixed typo in Gifted Rune Attribute description.
  • Skill balance adjustment
    • Warlord
      • The Shield effect will no longer block your sight when using the “Double Spiked Barrier” Preparation Ultimate attack.
      • Fixed an issue where the “Flame Shield” effect disappeared when using Shield Crash after using Shield Block’s “Altered Shield Block.”
      • Fixed an issue where Impregnable Fortress could be used while Maestro Black Anvil Top’s item effect was active.
      • Fixed Shield Dash’s “Combined Shield Dash” skill attribute description and skill attribute item description to match each other.
      • Fixed the description for “Will of Protection” applied when using Shield Dash’s “Combined Shield Dash” to correctly display the Barrier effect actually applied.
    • Elementalist
      • The following changes have been made to Fire:
        • Decreased the PvP damage of all Flame Shot projectiles from Fiery Bash by 30%.
        • Decreased the PvP damage of the 8 projectiles from the Active Fiery Bash combo by 25%.
        • Increased the chance to receive Clouds of Fire from all Fiery Bash hits from 5% to 15%.
      • The following changes have been made to Ice:
        • Removed the 20% Power decrease effect of Displacing Frost Bash.
        • Removed the Stealth effect of Opportune Frost Shield.
        • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes use Frost Blast many times in a row.
        • Added Piercing Projectiles to Frost Blast (Basic & Attributes).
      • The following changes have been made to Electric:
        • The target hit by Vengeful Magic Barrier’s Deep Freeze effect will now become immune to this effect for 1.5 sec.
        • Changed Energy consumed when being hit after using “Opportune Magic Barrier” from 30 to 35.
    • Archer
      • Adjusted Boosting Beam Arrow cooldown from 8 seconds to 24 seconds.
      • Rapidfire’s Skill Energy consumption was reduced from 55 to 50.
      • Fixed the Hurled Cyclone Windforce Arrow skill that binds enemies when activated, preventing Displacing Snipe from being used.
    • Gunner
      • Fixed an issue where the Freeze effect appeared when hitting a boss monster upon selecting Timed Mortar’s “Altered Timed Mortar” skill attribute.
      • Dodge will now increase by 650 over 2 sec upon using Explosive Leap’s “Agile Explosive Leap.”
      • Dodge will now increase by 650 for the “Evade” effect applied upon using Call: War Drone, instead of being a full dodge.
      • A grenade will now be thrown to where your character is located when using Grenade Lob’s “Unrelenting Grenade Lob” skill attribute, and additionally, “Tenacity” effect will be applied during skill use.
      • Changed Sequential Riflefire as below.
        • Doubled the projectile speed (except “Displacing Sequential Riflefire” skill attribute).
        • Decreased Energy consumed when using the “Hurled Sequential Riflefire” skill attribute from 60 to 50, and Energy will now be recovered during skill use.
      • A barrier equal to 30% of Max HP will now be applied while using Boot.
      • Projectile DMG will now decrease by up to x0.8 when hitting nearby enemies and increase by up to x1.2 when hitting enemies from a farther distance when using a dual pistol skill.
      • Projectile DMG will now increase by up to x1.2 when hitting nearby enemies and decrease by up to x0.8 when hitting enemies from a farther distance when using a rifle skill.
      • Fixed an issue where Arcane Shot’s “Hurled Arcane Shot” skill attribute fired 3 Plasma Shots regardless of the Plasma Shot attribute.
        • 3 Plasma Shots will now be fired when using Arcane Shot upon activating Arcane Shot’s “Hurled Arcane Shot” skill attribute and Plasma Shot’s “Hurled Plasma Shot” skill attribute.
      • Fixed an issue where the “Knockdown” effect was applied when hitting a target immune to Crowd Control with Honing Shell.
      • Removed the Block effect of Bullet Rain’s “Altered Bullet Rain” skill attribute as well as the effect description for Shield Destruction to match the actual skill effect.
    • Mystic
      • Decreased the max stack for the Healing Given Increase effect when using Finelight’s “Altered Finelight” skill attribute from 10 to 5.
      • Decreased the Barrier created when using Nature’s Protection’s “Opportune Protection” skill attribute from 20% to 15% of max Vitality.
    • Slayer
      • You can no longer use Half-Moon Slash while the “Bind” effect is being applied.
      • Fixed an issue where sometimes you couldn’t hit when using Half-Moon Slash near a target.
      • Fixed an issue where the “Bladed Shield” effect lasted for 5 sec instead of 4 sec when using Battle Integration’s “Altered Battle Integration” skill attribute.
  • Breakthrough Item Changes
    • When a Breakthrough equipment item upgrade fails, equipment will not be destroyed but will be in a [Defective] state, and upgrade cost will be reduced instead.
    • When the equipment is in [Defective] state, it cannot be upgraded, reset upgraded, promoted, promoted, traded, or disassembled.
    • Adjusted the minimum level at which Breakthrough equipment can be equipped from level 35 to level 20.
    • Rare Breakthrough Equipment Requirement Level has been adjusted from level 30 to level 23.
  • The amount of Gold required to unbind an item when using the Equipment Unbind Scroll has been changed according to the item level as follows.
    • Uncommon, Rare: No Change
    • Epic: 100,000 Gold
    • Legendary: 300,000 Gold
    • Transcendent: 500,000 Gold
  • Honor
    • Reduced the Honor Points earned by defeating the Judgment Colossus from 500 to 100.
  • Dungeon
    • Adjusted to be able to automatically match different kingdoms. When paired in Party Dungeon, Raid Dungeon
    • After pairing with an opposing kingdom Leaving the dungeon will immediately leave the party. And if the dungeon is over, the party will immediately collapse.
    • Double the rate of obtaining Gold Bag rewards from Solo Dungeon and Party Dungeon.
  • Raid Dungeon
    • Open Raid Dungeon
      • 10-Player Raid Ignous the Pyro
      • 30-Player Irukas, The King of Battles
  • Hall of Honor
    • Burning Temple 3vs3 and Commander’s Training Ground have been adjusted to match different kingdoms.
    • Fixed the reward items of Portals (Daily) Usage Time Increase Potion (3 Days) to Portals (Weekly) Usage Time Increase Potion (3 Days).
  • Improved Star’s Blessing Effect
    • Existing effects have been improved.
      • Hunting EXP Increase: 10% → 50%
      • Inventory Slots: 16 → 32 (does not affect slots unlocked through Inventory Slot Expansion items)
      • Storage Slots: 14 → 28
    • New effects have been added.
      • Runestone Inventory Slots: +16
      • House Crafting Time: -50%
      • Item Loot Range (Character & Pets): +5m
    • Clicking on Star’s Blessing while not activated will now take you to the Ruby Shop.
    • The Star’s Blessing UI icon can now be moved and placed where you want it to be.
    • The daily distributed Laurel Wreath Piece has been removed and will be available to obtain from various events instead.
  • UI
    • New UI types are classified as World Map (m), Dungeon (0), and Quest (-).
    • Equipment equip limit information has been added to the UI window [i].
    • Added a UI [?] beside the area name above the radar. When clicked, you can view detailed information on hunting areas.
    • Improved the ability to open the Ruby Shop by clicking the icon when Star’s Blessing is not in use.
    • Improved the ability to move the privilege icon anywhere on the screen.
    • Added a Buy Season Tickets button to the Elyon Pass UI to enable the Ruby Shop to open immediately
  • Mana Awakening
    • The Month of the Marksman has ended and the Month of the Balance has begun.
    • Mana EXP items with the [Month of the Marksman] label will no longer be available and a “Season End” label has been added to them.
    • Changed the names of Mana EXP items, which can be obtained from various content, to display the [Month of the Balance] label.
    • You can now select 1 Transcendent Imprint at Mana Level 1, and this number increases by 1 every time your Mana Level reaches a multiple of 10 until reaching Level 70, at which point a maximum of 8 Transcendent Imprints can be selected.
    • Added cooldown to 3 Imprints (Sweeping Through – 5 sec, Meteor – 10 sec, and Ground Destruction – 15 sec) and changed Trigger Rate to 10%.
    • With the new Mana Awakening season, certain Imprints were changed or removed, while new ones were added.
  • Fixed an issue where the prices of some items in the Marketplace were incorrect.
  • Update Item ใน Gear Shop
    • Tigris Potion II change to Tigris Potion III
    • Luminus Random Box change to Luminus Random Box II
    • Luminus Random Box 10+1 change to Luminus Random Box II 10+1
    • Tigris Cube I change to 2022 Tigris Cube II
    • Tigris Cube I 10+1 change to 2022 Tigris Cube II 10+1
    • Add Powerful Recharging HP Potion (72 Hours)
    • Add Powerful Recharging Continuous HP Potion (72 Hours)

2. Pending Issues to be Fixed

  • Lag problem in some areas and sometimes
  • Cheat program problem
  • Skill Attribute Toxic Swarm Incorrect VDO suggestion

3. Ruby Shop Update

  • Learn more about the Ruby Shop update here.