Event : Sky Slayer


Activity Period:

October 13-27, 2022 (Before MA)

Activity Details:

Completing Daily Quests on “Capture Ship” during the event period, you will receive “[Event] Capture Ship Quest Token” (1 Token per 1 Quest Letter of Recommendation) which can be used to redeem items in the Event Token Shop

**After the event period expires, “[Event] Capture Ship Quest Token” will be deleted. Please complete the item exchange before the event period ends.**

Image Item Name
[Event] Capture Ship Quest Token


Event Token Shop
Image Item Name Coins to be Redeemed Time to Redeemed
[Bind] Level 5 Runestone Selection Chest 100 1
Legendary Equipment Random Effect-Changer 100 1
 Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box 50 1
Epic Equipment Random Effect-Changer 30 3
Epic Reset Scroll Selection Box 15 3
[Account] Blessed Enhance Stone Box 15 5
Magic Stone Box 10 Unlimited
Rune Powder 1 Unlimited