Guide for Adventurers



For new adventurers entering Elyon, we’ve compiled some helpful information to explore the world of Elyon more intuitively. This guide will help you organize your gameplay.
From character creation to game content. Let’s get started!

Character Creation

For first start, you need to choose a faction between VULPIN and ONTARI, where these two sides have been battling for a long time in the vast continent of Harth. The abilities of each class are different according to the role and aptitude of the adventurer even if we play the same class as other adventurers but we can modify the skill and unique combat style.

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Character Adjustment

After selecting the Faction, Class, Race, and gender, it’s time to adjust your character’s appearance. Elyon allows you to customize the details of your characters with functions that help you control even the smallest of appearances. The beauty of your character depends on your customization abilities. And can easily create a character with a cool or unique look.

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Skill & Skill Attribute

Skill Characteristics are able to change basic skills in a variety ways. Depending on the use, for example
Skill A is an attack skill, that has the appearance of casting an attack on the ground which we can turn skill A into a skill that locks the target, or skill B is basically ice elemental, that able to change skill B to fire elemental which depending on the combo we’ve chosen.

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Runestone & Rune Attribute

Runestones and Rune Attributes are runes that can be equipped on equipment to earn points for various skills and attribute points affect the skills and the way of developing adventurer skills.

There are 7 types of runestones.

  1. Assault
  2. Control
  3. Fate
  4. Support
  5. Protection
  6. Awakening
  7. Balancing

Besides, using Soul Stone will provide additional attribute points that you can find from quest and in-game content

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Elyon’s characters can equip weapons, armor, and accessories to increase their character stats for both attack and defense.

The weapons of each class are different. But in the case of armor, they are divided into 3 types.

  1. Normal Armor (Elementalist, Mystic)
  2. Light Armor (Assassin, Gunner)
  3. Heavy Armor (Warlord, Slayer)

But the ring and earrings, which are jewelry, can be worn by all classes without restrictions.

Equipment levels range from Normal (common) to High (transcendent)

One rune slot is added with every successful +4 enhancement.

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