Character Customization


Easily create handsome characters from pre-made presets.
However, if you want to make further adjustments, you can click the Set Section button. on the left side for further customizations as needed.

1. Preset selection

Note: If the appearance has been changed You can continue to use the same character in future builds by clicking Save/Load in the top right corner.


2. Character Customization

In the customization window on the left, You can adjust the size and color of parts such as hair, face, and body.
Choose Hide UI at the bottom left of the screen, take off your clothes, try on your clothes, and use gestures. to check their appearance in various environments


3. Detailed character customization

In addition, the character can be customized in detail. The face/skin or body/head size can be customized by selecting the part you want to adjust and moving the mouse over the adjustment area.


4. Tattoo

can switch tattoos onto the face or the body of the character and can also customize the intensity of the tattoo including the color and location of the tattoo as well


5. Character Voice

Choose the character’s voice as you like. Able to listen to audio samples in situations such as laughing or crying.