Character Creation



Introducing character creation in the game. Create in-game characters in a few simple steps, ready to enter Elyon

1. Family Name

After logging into the game and selecting the server The system will ask us to create an account name. This account name is Elyon’s family name, and is the name displayed on your home, family, and friends list. The account name applies to all servers. So please think carefully before naming it.
Family naming 1 – 16 characters can be set for account name using Thai, English and mixed numbers.

※ In the naming convention, spaces and special characters are not allowed.
※ The team will consider suspending inappropriate names and violating the rules of the game.

2. Choose Faction

After the fall of the Solm Empire, the rest of the clan was divided into two and antagonistic factions.
Vulpin Heir of the kingdom. marching for honor and ideology
Ontari The brave ambitious. want to open a new era
With antagonism, you can PVP with one another on the Harth continent.

※ After selecting the server Players must choose a faction. which when choosing a party and enter the Harth Continent and cannot switch sides again
※ However, each faction’s starting area will be different to avoid early collisions.

3. Choose Class

When entering the character creation window You can see the class details as shown in the picture.

Note: Elyon’s classes are divided into 7 classes: Warlord, Elementalist, Mystic, Assassin, Gunner, Slayer and Archer.
Please check the characteristics of each class. and choose a class that is right for you

Class Equipment Details
Warlord Hammer / Shield A tank class is a ram that is resistant to enemy damage on behalf of allies in the front line.
Elementalist Staff / Magic Dagger A class that focuses on magic attacks. Attack enemies with magic and elemental powers, including ice, fire, and lightning.
Mystic Scepter / Totem A class that combines divine power and nature. heal allies and call the spirit
Assassin Dagger / Secondary knife A class that focuses on physical attacks. and use stealth to attack enemies secretly
Gunner Pistol / Rifle A class that focuses on physical attacks. who use firearms on the battlefield with natural shooting skills
Slayer Sword / Etched A class that focuses on physical attacks. Use your health-burning powers to deliver the most devastating attacks.
Archer Bow / Arrow A class that focuses on magic attacks. Use a magic arrow to pierce the heart of the enemy with the furthest distance.


4. Race/Gender



The Elyon race is divided into Human, Elf, and Orc, and the EIN race does not separate genders.
Although Humans do not have outstanding talent, exquisite craftsmanship, or strong physique. but has a strong determination enough to be second to none And although the environment of the Hearth Continent was merciless and cruel, the Humans had not given up on their determination and courage. Now, he had become the standard of a clan civilization and prospered more than any other race.

Elf’s pride was not only that they lived longer than the other races. With a sharp brain and a keen sense of touch from birth. They inherit knowledge and the culture of their ancestors Along with adapting to the history of the Hearth continent that has changed over time. Some scholars have praised and called Elf the geniuses of the Hearth Continent.

In fact, Ein was an alliance that united the various races. and is an incomprehensible power group. But for these little two-footed friends, there is only one common ground: they love glitter and can create tricky things in the blink of an eye. With such a small body, it didn’t get much attention. But no one would deny that Ein was a master craftsman.

It is often misunderstood as a savage race. Due to his tendency to challenge and not be ready to welcome guests, Orcs only give their abilities through their strong bodies. Not thugs who bully the weak or insult anyone, although the Hearth Continent, where human labor is often neglected by machines and technology. But the Orc’s strong stamina and fighting skills won’t lose its value.


5. Character name

Character naming It cannot be duplicated across all servers.
You can always check it in game. which is different from your account name So please name it carefully.
by naming the character You can set 1 – 16 characters for your account name using Thai, English and any combination of numbers.

※ In the naming convention, spaces and special characters are not allowed.
※ The team will consider withholding offensive names and violating the rules of the game.