In dungeons, you can get rewards such as equipment and gold.
Single/Party dungeons and Time Attack Dungeon rewards can be obtained 4 times per day per character. And the dungeon reward amount will be reset every day at 6:00 (GMT+7)

In this regard, the rewards of the dungeons are to be received are Based on the progress of the Hall of Challenge/Transcendence dungeon in the Transcendental dungeon.

You can check the amount of damage dealt with monsters, regeneration rate, and monster level during boss battles through the UI displayed on the right side of the character.
When you click the < > button, the display type changes.
This UI will only be displayed during boss battles.

If you check the UI of the dungeon by clicking on the dungeon or map [M] in the main menu [ESC]
You can check the conditions for entering the dungeon or the items that can be obtained.

Dungeon type

Depending on each dungeon Level and the number of players (party) that can enter. Recommended item levels and rewards are different. Due to the limited number of dungeon rewards received. We recommend that you proceed to the recommended level.

The types of dungeons are as follows.

Dungeon Dungeon Type Note
Normal Dungeon Solo Dungeon • Rewards can be received 4 times a day. (Reset 6:00 (GMT+7) daily)

• Party dungeons can be entered by automatic matchmaking or by pressing the “Enter” button.

Party Dungeon
Transcendence Dungeon Hall of Challenges • Dungeons that can be accessed using items. ‘Transcendent Stone’

• Every Wednesday, progress levels will be reset and rewards will change.

Transcendent Dungeon Dungeons that can be accessed using items. ‘Transcendent Stone’

• Rewards for each tier can only be received once. Effects and rewards will change periodically over time.

Advanced Transcendence Dungeon • Dungeon that can be entered using the ‘Advanced Transcendence Stone’ after clearing the previous Transcendent Dungeon.

• Rewards for each tier can only be received once. Effects and rewards will change periodically over time.

Time attack dungeon Time attack dungeon   • Dungeons that can be entered using ‘Time Attack Entry Item’ You can get ‘Time Attack Entry Item’ in normal dungeons of the same name.
Field dungeon Sandy hills • Dungeons that can enter the arena and require a ‘Reward box key’ to receive rewards.

※ Normal dungeons, Transcendence Dungeons, and Time Attack Dungeons can be accessed directly through the dungeon UI.

Normal Dungeon

Players are able to collect dungeon rewards up to 4 times a day.

Daily reward limit for Normal Dungeons Single/Party dungeons shares the number of attempts with Time Attack Dungeons. This will then reset at 6:00 every day. (GMT+7)


How to enter and match

The desired dungeon can be entered directly from the map UI dungeon [M] or automatically matched.

Single dungeons can be entered immediately after selecting a dungeon, and party dungeons can be entered in three steps:
① Dungeon selection → ② Dungeon stage selection → ③ Automatic entry/matchmaking

  • Enter: Enter directly regardless of member’s class or party.
  • Auto-matching: Classes that match roles are automatically matched. and when the pairing is complete You will enter a dungeon.

※ 5-player dungeons require a class with a specific role. and for efficiency, It is recommended to have 3 character attack classes, 1 character defense, and 1 character healing.


Automatically match additional dungeons

During a dungeon battle, if a vacancy opened up due to an inevitable situation,
the party leader can recruit new party members through the button. ‘Auto match’

Other players who do Party Search will be able to join the party. If such player meets the specified conditions. set by the party leader


Solo Dungeon

Solo dungeons are dungeons that can be entered every day. You can enter immediately by clicking the Enter button.

※ Single dungeons and party dungeons can receive rewards 4 times a day, and the number of reward times will be combined (Reset 6:00 (GMT+7) daily).

Level Dungeon Required item level Main prize
Lv.28 [1 Player] Goblin Cave • [Tier 1] 95 Enchantment Stone, Time Attack Dungeon Admission Ticket, Rare Grade Main Weapon, Ultimate Armor
Lv.35 [1 Player] Ship’s haven • [Level 1] 150
• [Level 2] 200
Enchantment Stone, Time Attack Dungeon Admission Ticket, Ultimate/Rare Weapon/Armor
Lv.38 [1 Player] Dark Apostle Lab • [Tier 1] 200
• [Tier 2] 225
EXP, Enhancement Stone, High/Rare Weapon/Armor
Lv. 40 [1 Player] Apostle Vanguard Base • [Level 1] 250
• [Level 2] 275
• [Level 3] 300
Gold, EXP, Enchantment Stone, Hero/Rare Weapon/Armor
Lv.42 [1 Player] Treefolk Altra • [Level 1] 300
• [Level 2] 350
• [Level 3] 400
Shining Enchantment Stone, Enchantment Stone Crafting Secret Experience Confirmed, Gold, Rare Stone Enchantment/Weapon/Armor Hero
Lv.44 [1 Player] Freezing Cave • [Level 1] 400
• [Level 2] 450
• [Level3] 500
Sparkling Bonding Stone, Enchantment Stone Crafting Secret Experience Confirmation, Gold,

Rare Stone Enchantment/Weapon/Armor Hero

Lv.46 [1 Player] Sealed Hellfire Shrine • [Level 1] 500
• [Level 2] 550
• [Level 3] 600
Shining Bound Stone, Clear Enhancement Stone Crafting Secret, Unstable Boost Shard, EXP, Gold, Rare Stone Enchantment/Weapon/Armor Hero


Party Dungeon

Players are able to enter Party Dungeons up to 3 times per week and at the end of the week, one dungeon will be removed in order of change with new dungeons added to the list.

– Dungeon transformation sequence: Beast’s Lair → Twisted Temple → Wailing Citadel → Nightmare City → Dark Apostle Armory → Truth of the Fog.

You can choose to automatically match or join immediately by clicking the Enter button.
※ The date of the Party Dungeon changes at 6:00 (GMT+7)
※ Single dungeons and party dungeons can receive rewards 4 times a day and share the reward amount (Reset 6:00 (GMT+7) daily).

Open for participation [Procedure Information] Recommended Item Level/Level Step Reward (Expected)
Wed, Thurs, Sun, Sat, Tues [Step 1] Lv.36 / 175
[Step 2] Lv.39 / 225
[Step 3] Lv.43 / 450
[Step 4] Lv.45 / 550
[Step 5] Lv.46 / 625
[Step 6] Lv .48 / 750
General Gold, EXP, [Account] Crafted Weapon/Armor Enhance Stone, Hero Set Equipment
Steps 2-6 Shining binding stones, confirming the secret of making enhancement stones, reset the hero’s weapon/armor enhancement order.
Steps 3-6 Unstable Throttle Piece, Hero Snatch Gear
Steps 4-6 [Account] Unstable Weapon/Armor Enhancement Stone
Steps 5-6 Lots of raw materials A special support box from the gear shop.
Legendary Stealth Gear (All Classes) Legendary Equipment Set

※ Dungeon: If you open the Stash Legendary Box, you can get random Stash Weapons/Armors.

After conquering a party dungeon you will receive a piece of the key to enter the Abyss Night dungeon.

Step Randomly received Synthesis effect
Steps 1 – 2 Night Key Fragment – ​​​​Home  

Acquire ‘Key of Night’ when you synthesize 3 items.
※ Item enters Abyss Night Dungeon

Steps 3 – 4 Night Key Fragment – Day
Steps 5 – 6 Night Key Fragment – Handle


Abyss Night Dungeon

Abyss Night Dungeon is a dungeon where you can acquire ‘Judge’s Equipment’ and Judge’s Equipment material items.
You can enter the Abyss Night Dungeon by using the ‘Key of the Night’.

※ The reward can be obtained once a day and reset at 6:00 (GMT+7) (excluding the number of participants in single/party dungeons and Raid Dungeons).

Admission conditions Name Entry-level Main prize
Lv.47 [1 person] Abyss Night Dungeon 700 Anti-drop Tool, [Account] Unstable Enhancement Stone Selection Box, Enhancement Enhancement Set

Tough Glow, Breakthrough Upgrade Stone, Weapon/Armor Enhance Slot Regeneration Scroll, Unstable Accelerated Ancient Mana Energy Source, Sealey Stone, Referee’s Equipment.

When entering a dungeon You will see the boss monster ‘Master of the Night’ in front of you and defeat the boss monster.

▲ The Monster Night Boss Boss Berserk effect will be applied 2 minutes after the battle started.

Please note that if you select ‘Exit’ during the dungeon you will not receive ‘Key of the Night’, which is a material for joining, can be returned.

▲ If you die during the attack and move to the lobby Or before the boss fight starts, you will receive 1 ‘Key of Night’ back.