Skills and Attribute


Elyon Elyon has various skill styles. and can adjust skills to suit the style of play Although each class has its own characteristics. But the skill system was developed to be more flexible and allow players to choose a lot. which can be unlimitedly adapted to suit each battle strategy.

The skill menu can be opened in the following ways.
– Main Menu [ESC] – Enter Skill or Shortcut [K]
– After reaching a certain level Next to the skill icon, click Get Skill.


Learning skills

Skills can be learned by clicking the ‘Get Skill’ [K] button when your character reaches a level. Special skills can be obtained from the Common Skill Book from the Skill Attribute Vendor.
You can view details of skills by Point the mouse at the skill picture.

Skill details Category
① Skill name
② Skill Description
③ Power (Damage)
④ Skill reuse time, cost, target amount
⑤ How to use
⑥ Category
⑦ effect
The sections that require special attention are the numbers 5, 6 and 7, divided into categories and effects.


How to use skills and categories

Each skill can be selected in a shortcut key, for example:

Icon How to use Details
press right-click This skill can be used by right-mouse click. and can be used continuously
press left-click This skill can be used by left-mouse click.
and can be used continuously
Press the preset shortcut key This skill can be used by pressing a hotkey.


The details of usage in skills are as follows.

Classify Details Description
How to use not target Skills used by pressing hotkeys even if there is no goal
target A skill used by aiming at the target location and pressing a hotkey.
aiming Skills used based on crosshairs It is usually listed with non-target items.
target lock A skill used to lock the target. By pressing the skill hotkey and sliding the screen to the left or right.
ground target Skills used by clicking the floor in the desired location. Then press the skill shortcut key.
keyboard placement Skills used by pressing the arrow keys (W/A/S/D) on the keyboard after using the hotkeys.
Category Physical / Magic Physical/Magic Damage
Fire / Ice / Lightning / Light / Dark / Nature Attribute is magic damage.
Armor Piercing / Non-Armor Penetration / Carbine / Tracking Ammo Deals damage in the form below to the fired skill.
– Penetration Type: Penetrates a target and deals damage to all targets in its path.
– Non-Armor Piercing Type: Attacks the target and deals damage.
– Carbine: Projectiles are curved instead of straight. cause damage
– Bullet Tracking: Track and attack even if the target is moving.
Continuous damage A skill that continuously deals damage to targets within the equipped range.
Smash damage A skill that is activated by hitting the ground
Combo Skills enabled n times together.

Note: Content written on how to use skills and qualifications. Comes with a mana awakening. random effects of the device and glow effect When used properly, it has a synergistic effect resulting in higher efficiency.


Mana Awakening

When we have Mana Awakening Awakening (Hotkey H), it will increase skill attributes.
Random effect of armor that affects skills.
The following random effects are applied to armor items. (depending on the level of armor)

Equipment Effects obtained randomly based on item grade and type
Upper part / Lower part Additional natural resource recovery 7~9
• Naturally restores 70~90 HP during non-combat.
• Damage Reflection 7~9%
• Critical Resistance 14~18%
• Reduces critical strike damage by 14~18%.
• Increase the power of bounce by 7~9%.
• Ammunition skill power 7~9%
• Sheet skill power 7~9%
• Increased treatment by 14~18.
Secondary weapon • Life Absorption 10~12
• Damage Reflection 7~9%
• Critical Strike Damage 14~18%
• Critical strike chance 7~9% for attacking from behind.
• Projectile Critical Hit Rate 7~9%
• Critical rate 7~9% for board-type skill.
• Increase the power of bounce by 7~9%.
• Projectile’s Critical Damage 14~18%
• 14~18% of board-type skill critical strike power.
Glove Evasion 20~24
• Weapon minimum damage 7~9%.
• Maximum weapon damage 14~18%.
• Critical strike chance 7~9% for attacking from behind.
• Projectile Critical Hit Rate 7-9%
• Critical rate 7~9% for board-type skill.
• 14~18% of the critical strike power of the rear attack.
• Projectile’s Critical Damage 14~18%
• 14~18% of board-type skill critical strike power.
Shoes • Movement Speed 14~18
• Maximum power 1400~1800
• Additional recovery of natural energy 700~900
• Critical strike chance 7~9% for attacking from behind.
• Projectile Critical Hit Rate 7~9%
• Critical rate 7~9% for board-type skill.
• Back attack power increased by 14~18%.
• Projectile’s Critical Damage 14~18%
• 14~18% of board-type skill critical strike power.


Characteristics of skills

This system provides various abilities and effects. more to skills
Skill Attribute Points are required to enable skill attributes. increase in the following ways

• +2 when character level increases.
• Increased when equipping Runestones in equipment list.
• Increases by 10 when using Star Blessing Package.
• Increase by 10 per constellation completed. in the constellation collection
• Increased from normal activation effects/blessed random activation effects. When Luminus is registered in the constellation
• Other Mana Awakenings – You can check the inscription or rune characteristics.

1) Skill Attribute Points Points used (Possession) when selecting a skill attribute.
2) Skill usage rate is the percentage of Adventurers using a skill and skill attribute in PVE or PVP (last week’s stats on the server, updated daily at 7:00 AM).
3) Skills acquired by characters Skills that are saved in hotkeys are displayed in separate colors. and can choose properties
4) Characteristics of each skill When choosing the skill with the highest score will choose to use that skill
5) Recommended skill set Click the icon on the right to use the recommended skill value.
6) Default skills Current skill defaults can be saved or saved presets can be loaded.
7) Characteristics of skills used with skills
8) Empty Shortcut Keys It will be automatically applied when selecting a skill.
9) All skill attributes contained in the skill hotkey will be enabled.
10) Skill attributes set in the current skill menu [K] will be saved in the skill hotkey.
※ Skill attributes can only be used with skills registered in the skill hotkey.
※ After selecting the desired skill attribute, click [Save Current Skill Attribute] in the lower right corner to save it.

kill usage rates are divided into PVP and PVE.
PVE usage rate:

Percentage of adventurers who entered normal dungeons. Dungeon across dimensions and time attack dungeons
PVP usage rate
Ratio of adventurers entering the battlefield, battlefield, clan war

Each skill can be changed as follows. according to the attributes of the skill

Category Details
Increase the range Increase the range of skill use.
Increase ability Increased skill damage.
Increase the duration The duration of the skill is longer.
Add effect Status effects such as stun and air, as well as effects that benefit self or allies will be added to skills.
Reduce restrictions Reduce skill cooldown time. or eliminating the prerequisites for using skills

※Under certain conditions Skill strength will not increase. But the conditions will change, such as increasing the cooldown time.