User Interface (UI)



The user interface of the game Elyon is divided into two parts: the game menu and the main menu.

Game play menu

1) Menu
2) Target information
3) Radar/Channel Info/Current Time
4) Event Shop / Runestone / Market / Ranking / Dungeon System / Mana Awakening
5) Quest information in progress
6) Challenge / Quest
7) Item shortcut keys
8) Luminus
9) Health (HP) / Skill Power (Energy) / Stamina / Action Point / Enhance / Debuff Effect
10) Skill Shortcut Keys
11) High Status Effect
12) Character Name / Level / Item Owned Level / Faction / Gold / Fame / Experience
13) Chat Channel
14) Aim aiming


Main menu

  1. Character Information: Character Information Page (Hotkey P)
  2. Skills: Skill details page of the character’s career In which players can learn skills and set Slots to use skills in this window (hotkey K).
  3. Inventory: Character’s Inventory and Item Equip Information (Hotkey I)
  4. Achievements and Titles: A system where players pass achievement conditions and obtain titles to equip them (hotkey U).
  5. Luminus System and Pets: Luminus information page and available pets (shortcut L).
  6. Collection Book: A system where players can collect items to increase character abilities (shortcut =).
  7. Luminus Battle System – AFK leveling system that players can only use when the character is at home (hotkey ;).
  8. zodiac star system (Constellation Collection): Add Luminus to enhance character abilities.
  9. Item Fusion System: Item Fusion System To increase the item level, such as increasing the level of upgrade stones, fusing stone shards used to upgrade equipment, etc.
  10. Rune Stone: In front of the bag to hold various runes. Runes can be upgraded and equipped with runes to various equipment. at this page
  11. Rune Attributes System: Enhanced Status system when equipped with a specific color rune. level reached as required
  12. Equipment upgrade: Equipment upgrade page such as Rare Grade(Blue) > Promote to > Epic Grade (Purple).
  13. Map: Elyon game world map (hotkey M)
  14. Item Crafting System: A system where players can craft various materials. and wearable equipment, including medicine
  15. Treasure Hunt: Map-based treasure search system.
  16. Decoration: Equipment color changing system
  17. Marketplace: A system where players can trade and trade various items (hotkeys [).
  18. Exchange House: Exchange from Gold to Gear point or Gear point to Gold (Hotkey ]).
  19. Exchange: Transport item selling system.
  20. Dungeon (M hotkey and select dungeon)
  21. Kill History: History of killing other players.
  22. Battle Log: Record attacks and get hits from other players (hotkey Alt + B).
  23. Rune Scrolls: scrolls used to register to obtain special effects according to certain conditions.
  24. Fight support (Alt + A hotkey)
  25. note
  26. Friends: Friends list page.
  27. Gestures and Effects: Emotion faces and gestures
  28. Party Search: Party Search System (Hotkey ,)
  29. Apply for a Clan: Search page and apply for various clans
  30. Clan System: Detailed Information Window and a list of clan members
  31. Check-in: The system checks for rewards, logs in to the game and completes the online time.
  32. gift box
  33. Elyon Pass: Reward Battle Pass System
  34. participation in activities
  35. Ranking: Ranking of events such as Arena Ranking, Honor Point Ranking, Item Level Ranking, etc.
  36. Challenges: Various challenges When a player meets the conditions, they will receive a reward (hotkey Y).
  37. change character appearance
  38. Current events
  39. Gear Shop: A shop where players can use Gear Points to buy various items.
  40. Ruby Shop: Item Cache Shop
  41. Settings: Graphics, Sound, Game, UI Settings Page, Keyboard Keypad Settings, Joystick Keypad Settings (O Hotkey)
  42. Move: Used to move the character back to a safe location.
  43. Change character
  44. Exit game