Vehicle – Mount System




Vehicles can be obtained from quests, chests, vehicle dealers, and the Ruby Shop.
Vehicles are stored in your Key Items or Inventory.

Vehicle Type

divided into ground vehicles And the type that can receive special effects when using it.

Type Details
Utility Vehicle When activated, special skills can be used.
and moving at a higher speed
Can be used even when fighting
※ Vehicle in use Will has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Use it together.
– Target Vehicles: Cruiser Bike (H-01, H-02), Magic Carpet (Blue, Red)
Mobility Vehicle When used, it moves at a higher speed.
Mobility Vehicle and Seated Vehicle will share cooldowns
Seated Vehicle When you use it, you will get a special effect, such as increasing the recovery of the event.
Can’t move while in use.

▲ Utility Vehicles (Left), Mobility Vehicles (Center), and Seated Vehicles (Right).

▲ Central vehicles can also be activated by pressing [F] on a horse or vehicle. However, in this case, be careful as your physical strength is limited.

▲ In addition to horses, lions and parrots, there are various types of vehicles such as land bikes and hoverboards.

How to use

[Right-click] to install items from your inventory. or in the Key items window, then bring the required vehicle icon to the hotkeys at the bottom right of the screen. and press the hotkey to operate the vehicle

To get off the vehicle, use the [B] key.

for Mobility Vehicle You can move with the [W,A,S,D] key and jump with the [SPACE] key just like a character move.

Use [WW] or [Ctrl + W] to run.

※ Cannot be used in areas where vehicles cannot be driven.



Vehicle performance depends on item rank. and the higher the rank Movement and running speed will be faster.

Efficiency Description
Ground movement speed Speed while moving on the ground
Ground running speed Speed while running on the ground
Rotation speed The speed of turning left, turning right, the higher the speed of the turn. It will be able to turn quickly only.